Enrique Criado, MD Retraction

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I fully and without reservation retract the statements I made in an article that appeared in The Legal Examiner and on my law firm’s blog on December 20, 2016 regarding medical care provided by Enrique Criado, MD, Chief of Vascular Surgery for MidMichigan Health, at MidMichigan Medical Center-Midland. Regrettably, I identified Dr. Criado in error. [...]

What Happens if You’re Charged with a Crime in Michigan?

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What Happens if You’re Charged with a Crime in Michigan? Being charged with a crime in Michigan can be a confusing process. Understanding that process is critical because a successful defense starts at the very beginning.   Being Arrested in Michigan: What Should I Do? Getting arrested is stressful and humiliating. You may even get [...]

Learn the 3 Things that Can Make a Divorce in Michigan more Complicated

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In Michigan, all divorces require a minimum 60-day waiting period and marriages that involve children require a six-month waiting period. However, the length of time before a divorce judgment is issued can dramatically increase with any of the complications outlined below. What makes a divorce complicated? There are three main issues that can make a [...]

[2017] The Ultimate Guide to a Successful Divorce in Michigan

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Life is complicated and so is divorce. From the division of property to decisions about custody and child support, there are a number of issues that can arise during your case. This guide will help you to answer some of the pressing issues you may face when getting a divorce from "how much does a divorce in Michigan cost?", to "will we need to go to court?" We hope this guide helps you make the best decision for you and your family.

New Horizons for Medical Marijuana in Michigan

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The question for Michiganders is simple; do we legalize, regulate and tax cannabis for medical and recreational purposes, and use the money to fund our schools and roads? Or do we allow that money to have no socially beneficial purpose?  Investors are flocking to Lansing with the hope of gaining licenses and favorable disposition with [...]

Grewal Law Expansion Continues with New Northville Office and Attorney Scott Weidenfeller

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Grewal Law welcomes trial attorney Scott Weidenfeller to its personal injury litigation division. Mr. Weidenfeller will be based in Grewal’s new Northville, Michigan location. With nineteen years of trial experience, Mr. Weidenfeller has focused his practice on assisting victims of medical negligence. He has tried cases in three (3) different States and has personally recovered millions in compensation for his clients.

Grewal Law PLLC Acquires Church Wyble PC

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Today I am pleased to announce that the Grewal Law firm acquired the long established and highly respected personal injury law practice ChurchWyble. ChurchWyble will move its staff and operations to the Grewal Companies building in Okemos. Church Wyble, led by distinguished top Michigan attorney David Mittleman, will become the Personal Injury Division of Grewal Law which already specializes in criminal defense, family law, elder law, general litigation, property and estate tax law and marijuana-related matters.

Big Pharma Earns Windfall Profits as Customers Overdose

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Drug overdoses and deaths are becoming as common as motor vehicle accidents and prohibition of the drugs has done little to solve the problem. The fact is these big pharmaceutical companies created these drugs, from heroin and cocaine to fentanyl and phentermine. Recently, a more powerful opioid, Carfentanil, is being obtained from Chinese drug companies and being mixed into illegal supplies of heroin and like drugs. 19 people overdosed in Wayne County along last month. While dealers and users of this drugs come under the long arm of the law; drug companies and drug makers stand by collecting windfall profits as they feed off of the ill-effects drug use and abuse entails.

MIP (Minor in Possession) Penalties May Loosen

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Those arrested for a first-time MIP may face a lesser penalty if a new bill becomes law. Rather than a misdemeanor, the new bill would impose a civil infraction and $100 fine for those caught with alcohol under 21 years old. The penalties for second or third offenses would rise to misdemeanors with jail time and fines.

Procedures to Follow when filing for a divorce in Michigan

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Going through a divorce can be such a confusing time. There are certain steps/procedures that you must follow when filing for a divorce and during the entire divorce process. The steps/procedures differ based on whether or not there are minor children that were born during the marriage.