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Estate Administration

After you pass away, a personal representative for your estate also known as the executor or administrator will handle the settling of your estate.  The estate planning attorneys at Grewal Law can handle the entire administration of your estate including the transfer of assets to tax related issues.  We can also represent your family if it is necessary for the estate to go through the probate court system.

However, by planning in advance we can help your family avoid the often long and complicated process of going through probate.


Writing a Will

The estate planning tool most familiar to people is the writing of a will.  The document simply outlines who will be a beneficiary to your assets after you pass away.  Other things sometimes covered in a will include naming guardians for your children, funeral wishes and the creation of trusts for your assets.  While working as your estate planning lawyers, we will go over all you needs related to your property, assets and business to help you draft a will.


Property Ownership & Transfers

When planning for your estate, there are lots of considerations to make regarding the transfer of property ownership.  From the deeding of property through a gift while you are still living to leaving a piece of property to a trust, our attorneys can help you determine the best choice for your property and your estate.


Setting Up a Trust

One effective estate planning tool is the creation of a trust.  A trust is a legal arrangement that allows your assets to be passed along to specified beneficiaries.  There are different types of trusts designed to meet each person’s individual needs.  A Revocable Living Trust allows you to make adjustments throughout your lifetime.  In contrast, Irrevocable Life Insurance Trusts and Irrevocable Gift Trusts are permanent agreements that cannot be amended after they are created.

If you are considering leaving money to a nonprofit it may be beneficial to set up a Charitable Trusts.  The expert estate planning team at Grewal Law is ready to assist you in the creation of a trust today.  We can help you decide the best type of trust to meet your needs and to ensure a smooth passage of assets to your heirs.


Gift Law

Sometimes you may want to see your loved ones enjoying part of their inheritance while you are still alive.  You have the ability to make gifts to your loved ones through the transfer of a portion of your wealth before you pass away.  The passage of gifts can also reduce the tax burden on large estates, but there are restrictions placed on the value of gifts.  Our estate planning team will help you understand the implications from any gifts and can help you plan accordingly.


Estate Tax Planning

Even though Michigan no longer has an estate tax, there are cases where the federal Estate Tax may apply after an individual passes away.  If you have a larger estate, it is imperative to work with an experienced estate planning team to do estate tax planning today.  We are ready to help you protect your heirs from paying unnecessary taxes.

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Asset Protection

You have worked hard throughout your life from the purchasing of property to the saving of financial assets.  It is important to protect these assets from potential loss.  From having assets taking to pay for end of life care to having family members face burdensome taxes, we can help you protect the assets you have worked hard for in life.  Do not leave everything you have earned up to the court system, make plans for asset protection now.


Estate Planning – Medical Decisions

Take time to make estate plans for your end of life medical care now.  Our legal team will help you weigh these important decisions and will draw up all the legal paperwork necessary to make sure your wishes are followed.  We want to provide you with piece of mind ensuring you will receive the best care.  From the creation of health care directives to writing living wills, our attorneys are here to help.


Medicaid Crisis Planning

Medical expenses can quickly add up at the end of your life which may require you to receive Medicaid coverage.  Under Michigan law, there are regulations that could impact your Medicaid eligibility.  We can work with you to protect your assets while not impacting your coverage.  Do not wait until you are facing a crisis, contact Grewal Law today to help you draw up a trust or other agreements to protect your assets.  We can also help you explore options if you are in the midst of Medicaid Crisis Planning.


Durable Powers of Attorney

When setting up plans for your medical care, you can consider setting up a power of attorney, otherwise known as a health care proxy.  The person given this designation will have the ability to make decisions related to your medical care if you are incapacitated.


Guardianships & Conservatorships

There may come a time when you are unable to make decisions regarding your care and a guardian or conservator will be appointed to manage your affairs.  The conservator will handle any financial affairs while the guardian can handle decisions related to your overall well-being.  If you become unable to make decisions for your care, a probate court will appoint someone to be your guardian.

Our team can help you make plans for having a guardian or conservator appointed to help you in the future.


Special Needs Estate Planning

Creating a Special Needs Trust can be very important if you have a loved one with a disability.  The trust is designed to make long-term plans for his or her care.  Developing the trust can protect assets he or she already possess while protecting any inheritance received after you pass away.  In addition, the trust can safeguard any government benefits he or she already receive to cover daily living expenses.


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