Lansing Divorce Lawyer: Parenting Time

Parenting Time One of the biggest concerns you will probably have during your divorce is the amount of time you will be able to spend with your child after it is finalized.  Decisions related to parenting time, previously known as visitation, are often the most difficult choices for families to face during divorce proceedings.

In Michigan,  the law presumes a child benefits from having strong relationships with both parents.  Thus, parenting plans are often developed to ensure children are able to maintain relationships with both parties.

While working as your family law lawyer, we will strive to have the court consider all the circumstances in your case before deciding on a parenting plan.

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Parenting Time Schedules

When setting up parenting time schedules, the court will work to find a balance allowing your child to have a relationship with both parents.  If you are able to come to an agreement with the other parent in advance of going to court, it will typically issue an order based on those terms.  A non-custodial parent can still receive parenting time under Michigan law.

The amount of time each party is awarded may be contingent on a wide range of factors.  Things the court may consider when setting a schedule include:

  • School schedules including scheduled breaks
  • Needs of the child including medical and other factors
  • Location of where each parent lives
  • Holidays and birthdays


The only instance where one party does not have the right to parenting time is when there is evidence the child’s mental, physical or emotional health will be in jeopardy.  Sometimes one party may be awarded supervised parenting time.  The types of supervised time include agency time where the visit takes place in a supervised setting or third party supervision where a friend or relative as designated by the court must be present.

The order issued by the court will typically include information on dates and times when parenting time will take place with a particular party; how transportation for visitation will be arranged; restrictions of other individuals who may be present during parenting time along with an array of other terms.  The terms outlined will typically cover weekday and weekend time along with arrangements for holidays.

Throughout the court proceedings, we will be your advocate and will work hard to have the court issue the best parenting schedule for your family.

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Enforcing Parenting Time in Michigan

The enforcement of parenting time can often be an emotional issue.  Sometimes a parent may try to use the time as a way to exert control over the other parent.  We will work together with you to ensure an agreement is drawn up which will be easy for your family to manage.  If you and the other parent have difficulty communicating, we will fight to have the court create a structured time schedule to help you work together more easily.

Over time, it may become necessary to adjust the parenting schedule set up for your family.  If one of the parents has moved or if the child’s needs change it may be necessary to change the original order.  As your legal counsel, we will can assist you in adjustments after the first judgment.

Know your rights regarding parenting time and your child.  Sometimes individuals will try to exert unnecessary control and may infringe on the rights you have over your child during his or her visit with you.  As your Lansing divorce attorney, we will make sure your rights are protected and that the other parent follows the court’s order.


Securing Parenting Time

Handling issues related to parenting time and visitation can be extremely emotional.  You need to have counsel who will be your advocate throughout the entire process.  At Grewal Law, we will be your compassionate legal counsel helping you face parenting time and visitation issues stemming from a divorce.

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