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If you have been charged with any of the violent crimes described below it is imperative to gather criminal defense lawyer information to help you make the best choice when choosing an attorney.  Our team at Grewal Law is ready to be your Lansing Criminal Defense Attorney no matter what charges you are facing in your case.

We will strive to investigate all the circumstances surrounding your case and will build the best defense possible against the prosecution.  Contact us for your no obligation quote to learn how we can be your criminal law attorney in Michigan. Call Grewal Law at 517-393-3000 or 800-331-9871 today.

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As a person charged with an arson-related crime, you need an expert criminal defense team to build your defense.  Arson charges can be brought after starting or aiding in a fire meant to damage a building, dwelling or other pieces of personal property.  Charges can also be related to physical injury to an individual caused by the fire. While serving as your arson defense team we will help you understand the varying degrees of charges and will fight for you throughout the entire court proceedings.


Assault and Battery

Assault and battery charges in Michigan can bring an array of punishment depending on the level charge you are facing.  Most cases will be brought as misdemeanor charges except in certain circumstances you may be facing a felony.  Our assault attorneys in Lansing will build the most optimum defense for your case.  Assault and battery charges are brought against someone when he or she has attempted to cause physical injury (assault) resulted in actual contact such as hitting someone (battery).

Besides standard assault and battery charges, if serious injury is inflicted as a result of the contact you may be charged with aggravated assault in Michigan.  Contact our legal team at Grewal Law to learn more about your assault and battery charges at 517-393-3000 or 800-331-9871.



You must have an aggressive criminal defense lawyer in Michigan when you have been charged with murder.  These charges come with serious penalties and you need an expert Lansing criminal attorney by your side building your defense.  From manslaughter charges to first-degree or second-degree murder charges, it is essential to have an expert team in your case.

Our Lansing criminal trial attorneys will thoroughly examine all the evidence in your case and will utilize expert witnesses to provide you with the best defense.



If you have faced the tough choice of defending yourself or a loved one at the expense of harming another person, then you need an expert attorney to represent your self-defense case.  We understand these cases are complicated and will learn all the details of your case during our investigation.


Domestic Violence and Spousal Abuse

Domestic violence and spousal abuse related charges can have a dramatic impact on your life. In contrast to assault and battery charges, you will receive harsher penalties if convicted under state law.  The criminal defense lawyers at Grewal Law will build a defense to help you combat these charges.

In order for charges to be classified as domestic violence, you must have one of the following relationships with the victim:

  • Spouse or former spouse
  • Individual with whom you have or had a dating relationship within life
  • A person who shares a child with you
  • Someone who lived or currently lives in your home

We understand domestic violence cases are emotional and involve complicated relationships, so we want to learn about your story.  Our team will take the time to learn the circumstances surrounding your case to develop the best defense for you.


Gun Laws and Felony Firearm Possession

Michigan gun laws outline varying penalties for the illegal possession, manufacturing or sale of firearms.  Under state law to legally carry a firearm you must apply for a license such as a Carry a Concealed Weapon (CCW) or a Concealed Pistol License (CPL).  These licenses also come with restrictions and if you break these standards you could face punishment.

In addition, anyone who has possession of Michigan outlawed weapons will face felony charges.

Do not face firearm possession charges without a skilled criminal defense team.  Call Grewal Law for a no obligation quote at 800-331-9871 or 517-393-3000.



In the state, kidnapping is a serious offense and you need an expert criminal defense team to help you avoid significant jail time and fines.  From the possibility of life in prison to paying $50,000 in fines the penalties are severe if convicted.  Even if you have not yet been charged with kidnapping, but are under suspicion of the crime you need an experienced criminal law attorney in Michigan to defend you.



Stalking is a serious crime in Michigan and charges are brought against someone for repeatedly harassing another individual causing the person to be terrorized or frightened for his or her safety.  There are different levels of charges you could face ranging from a misdemeanor up through a felony for aggravated stalking.  Contact our Lansing criminal attorney team today to help defend you against stalking charges.


Personal Protection Order

Personal Protective Orders (PPO) are designed to stop violence or threats of violence against someone and are issued through the court system.  Our legal team is ready to help you with a wide range of serves related to PPOs.  From helping you obtain a PPO to making sure one is enforced, we are ready to serve you.  There are different types of PPOs, so we will help you understand how each one works and which one will best fit the circumstances of your situation.  We can also assist anyone who needs to have an old order lifted.


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