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If your child is facing a criminal charge as a juvenile, you need our experienced Lansing and Okemos defense lawyer to protect his or her future.  Our team at Grewal will design the best defense strategy in your child’s case.  A conviction by a young person can have a dramatic impact on the rest of his or her life.  In some cases, zealous prosecutors will even try to have a young person tried as an adult which can be devastating.  According to Michigan law, any youth under the age of 17 is classified as a juvenile.  We want to protect your child’s future and will aggressively fight for him or her.

Our legal team recognizes anyone is innocent until proven guilty and will take the time to her your child’s side of the story regarding the juvenile crime charges in the case.  The Lansing criminal defense attorneys at Grewal Law will conduct a thorough investigation to find evidence needed to combat the prosecution’s case.  In addition, we will help your family understand how the justice system works for juveniles.

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Juvenile Consent Calendar

After a juvenile is charged with an offense, a judge will decide how the case proceeds forward in the system.  One option available is transferring a case to a “consent calendar” which allows the young person to participate in a correctional plan compared to moving forward with formal charges.  The youth will be required to complete certain terms over a set period of time.

After completion of the program, the charge will be removed from his or her record.  As your child’s defense attorney we will go over with you the benefits offered by the consent calendar.  We will also show the judge reasons why your child should have this option in his or her case.


Juvenile Court Penalties

When a youth is charged with a crime, there are a variety of outcomes possible in his or her case.  From the dismissal of the case to having referrals to counseling or to the juvenile consent calendar, the penalties imposed by the court can vary.  The most detrimental outcome for a juvenile facing charges is to have the case placed on the formal calendar meaning it will move forward through the justice system.  If your child is facing potential criminal charges, do not waste time contact our team at Grewal Law immediately.  We will fight to ensure your child’s future is protected.


Juvenile Drug Offenses

Facing drug charges can come with serious penalties for youth.  The crime resulting in the charges can vary from simple possession to trafficking or manufacturing of a drug.  Just like with adult drug charges, the penalties a juvenile will face if convicted vary depending on the type of drug involved in the case and how much of the drug was involved.

The state does offer alternative rehabilitation programs based on the circumstances of the case.  As a juvenile’s drug defense attorney, we will fight for an alternative sentence compared to spending years in prison.   It is important to seek out these alternatives because a young person found with a substantial amount of certain Schedule 1 or Schedule 2 substances could potentially face life in prison.  Do not leave your child’s fate up to chance, contact our East Lansing criminal defense attorneys today.  We will build an effective defense to help combat the charges he or she may be facing.


Shoplifting by a Juvenile

Retail fraud charges for juveniles are a result of a young person stealing goods from a retail store or misrepresenting the price of merchandise with the intent to avoid paying its full price. Depending on the value of the goods involved in the case, there are different penalties a juvenile will face once convicted.  Punishment includes the paying of fines, spending time in juvenile detention or even being sent to jail.

We have proven defense strategies designed to combat the prosecutor’s case.  Our team is experienced in handling retail fraud cases and is ready to help your child face his or her shoplifting charges.


Juvenile Sex Offenses

A juvenile facing a sex offense charge in Michigan could be facing serious punishment if convicted.  In some cases, consensual sexual acts can even result in a formal criminal charge.  State law states that a person must be 16 years of age to consent to sexual activity.  Even if a youth is a minor at the time of the encounter, he or she could be charged with statutory rape depending on the circumstances of the case.

If the alleged victim in the case is under the age of 13, Juvenile Criminal Sexual Conduct charges may be filed against a youth.  A juvenile facing any of these sex crime charges needs an experienced Lansing criminal defense attorney.  Contact Grewal Law today to help him or her defend juvenile sex charges in Michigan.


Juvenile Assault Crimes

If a young person is accused of a violent crime such as assault, law enforcement will fight to have serious penalties imposed.  A juvenile facing assault charges is a result of physical violence taking place against another person.  Once a youth is under investigation for an assault related crime, he or she needs assault attorneys in Lansing to design a defense strategy in the case.


Hire an Experienced Juvenile Crimes Attorney in Lansing, MI

When your child is facing juvenile crime charge in Michigan, you need an aggressive defense attorney who will support & fight for his or her rights.  The juvenile criminal defense Lansing lawyer at Grewal Law, PLLC will work towards achieving the best result for your child.

Our team has years of experience defending juvenile clients in all types of cases.

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