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White Collar CrimeWhite collar crime charges in Michigan typically stem from allegations of someone doing something dishonest in exchange for some form of financial gain.  From healthcare and insurance fraud to identity theft, if convicted of one of these crimes you could face serious financial penalties and prison time.  Most of these charges are brought when someone who has been entrusted to handle something is accused of fraudulent actions.  Sometimes these individuals may not even realize the actions he or she is taking are against the law until it’s too late.

Despite the fact white collar crimes are not violent, the way the public views anyone charged with these crimes can be devastating to that person.  Being accused of these crimes can turn your world upside down and you need the support of an expert legal defense team to help you throughout the entire process. 

Always consult with an attorney before submitting to any type of questioning by law enforcement or representatives from a business or organizations where you worked.

Do not say anything without legal representation there with you.

Before formal charges are brought against you, it is imperative to gain expert legal counsel during any investigation of possible wrongdoing.  Our team at Grewal Law will work to cast doubt on these allegations to help avoid actual criminal charges being brought against you.

If you have already been charged, we will provide an expert investigative team to help combat the case of the prosecution.

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If you are accused of certain white collar crimes, you will be charged under Michigan law.  In contrast, some cases will find you brought up on federal charges.  From accusations connected to embezzlement to insurance or healthcare fraud, Grewal Law will be aggressive in building your defense.  We also handle cases involving identity theft, mortgage fraud and tax evasion.

When accused of embezzlement in Michigan there are different levels of charges depending on the value of the property or money taken.  The value of what was taken determines if you will be charged with a felony or a misdemeanor.  Typically, once the value of the money or property reaches over $1,000 you will be facing a felony charge.

In addition to Michigan law, some cases of embezzlement fall under federal jurisdiction.

Besides the variances between state and federal charges, there are also different levels of penalties and fines if you are a public officer or someone who works at a financial institution.  Our legal experts can help you understand the embezzlement charges you are facing and the potential fines you may be forced to pay if convicted.


Healthcare or Insurance Fraud

At Grewal Law we can also defend anyone facing insurance or healthcare fraud.  Cases revolving around these allegations may have in-depth investigations which last for extended periods of time.  We want to be your guiding counsel throughout the entire process.  It is essential to get legal representation as soon as these allegations are made against you.  Waiting until charges are brought against you could be detrimental in building your defense.

If you have already been charged with one of these types of fraud, we are also available to construct your defense.  We have a proven track record of defending clients facing a wide range of fraud charges.

Under Michigan law, charges related to insurance and healthcare fraud are felonies.  Anyone convicted of these charges will face up to four years in prison and fines of up to $50,000.  There are also federal charges you could be facing depending on the circumstances surrounding your case.

These charges may include allegations of Medicaid or Medicare fraud.  Other cases involve charges of prescription scams or the billing of services that were never rendered.  Besides healthcare fraud there are also cases where charges of insurance fraud may be brought related to business, automobile or life insurance.


Identity Theft

We also provide legal counsel to individuals facing identity theft charges.  Identity theft takes place when someone uses another person’s name, Social Security Number, Credit Card Number or other financial information to acquire services, goods, credit cards, loans or other bank accounts that belong to someone else.

If convicted of identity theft in Michigan, you could face fines up to $25,000 and up to five years in prison.  Anyone facing a second charge could face longer prison terms and higher fines.  Other charges related to taking someone’s identity relate to copying information during a financial transaction can also face fines up to $1,000 and up to one year in jail.  Call our expert legal team to help you combat identity theft charges today.


Mortgage Fraud

Mortgage fraud charges may be brought against a lender or a borrower.  It takes place when an individual lies or intentionally omits vital information during the mortgage application and approval process.  In order to be convicted of mortgage fraud, the prosecution will need to prove there was intent when withholding information from an application.  Call our team at Grewal Law today to help you build your defense against the prosecution’s claims of illegal intent.

There are both state and federal charges associated with a mortgage fraud case.  If convicted, individuals could face prison time with a maximum of 30 years for federal charges and fines up to $1 million dollars.  Our white collar defense attorneys will help you facing any form of mortgage fraud.


Tax Evasion

Charges related to tax evasion may be the result of failing to file returns, submitting false returns or compromising tax returns in some other form.  The intent of these actions is based on the attempt to intentionally avoid paying taxes legally owed to the government.  Facing allegations of tax fraud can be nerve-wracking and we can provide you with expert legal counsel to help you during your case.


White Collar Crime Defense Attorneys in Lansing, MI

Grewal Law’s Lansing criminal defense lawyers have the expertise to help you face white collar crime charges.

Our experienced legal counsel will help fight the case brought against you by the prosecution.  Charges of fraud, identity theft and embezzlement can ruin your reputation while having a lifelong impact on your career and your family.

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