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If you are facing charges related to a sex crime, then you need the assistance of our experienced Lansing sex crime lawyers.  Our team at Grewal Law will help you build the strategy you need to mount the best defense for your case.

We will strive to help you overcome the sex charges and to defend your rights.  Some of these charges carry extreme penalties such as life in prison while others require you to register on the Michigan Sex Offender Registry for the rest of your life.

As your legal team, we believe you are innocent until proven guilty in all charges related to sex crimes.  We will examine each piece of evidence put forth against you to find weaknesses in the prosecutor’s case.

We will examine each piece of evidence put forth against you to find weaknesses in the prosecutor’s case.  From testimony of medical professionals and of victims, we can help you develop an aggressive defense to combat these allegations.

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Criminal Sexual Conduct (CSC)

Charges related to Criminal Sexual Conduct (CSC) in Michigan sometimes carry more serious penalties than charges related to homicide.  Under state law, some of these crimes have penalties including life in prison without the possibility of parole.  When facing these serious charges, you need an experienced defense team who can help you mount a defense in your case.  Our team will fight for you and will work to help you throughout the entire proceedings.

CSC charges range from First Degree with the possibility of life in prison to Fourth Degree punishable with 10 years in prison.  Other charges under this umbrella include assault charges and gross indecency charges.  In addition, cases related to child sexually abusive material (child pornography) or indecent exposure are CSC charges.

Because of the serious nature of these accusations, it is imperative to retain counsel as soon as possible.

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Internet Sex Crimes

Facing Internet sex crimes can be overwhelming.  Aside from the possibility of jail time and fines, it is important to protect your reputation.  Some charges related to Internet sex crimes are filed after someone accidentally downloads illegal files or illicit sexual material.  Our team of experienced sex crime lawyers will help you obtain justice when wrongfully accused of these crimes.

We will help you mount a defense for all online sex crimes.  Charges may include indecent exposure over a video stream, illegal use of pornographic materials, internet child pornography and chat room solicitation of a minor.

Prostitution and Solicitation

Charges related to prostitution or the solicitation of a prostitute can harm your reputation for the rest of your life.  Whether or not you are accused for engaging in the act of prostitution or if you have been accused of soliciting a prostitute yourself, our team at Grewal Law will help you mount the defense you need to combat these charges.

Michigan law states that anyone over the age of 16 who solicits another person to commit a lewd act in a public place or from inside a building or vehicle is guilty of solicitation as a punishable immoral act.  In addition, when anyone over the age of 16 receives or offers to receive a person into a building, vehicle or other structures for prostitution purposes is considered guilty of a sex crime under Michigan law.

Both of these charges are misdemeanors, but they can carry a prison sentence of over 90 days and a fine up to $500.  These penalties increase with subsequent convictions.  Hire an expert sex crime lawyer to defend you in any cases related to prostitution or solicitation.

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Sex Crimes Against Minors

When you are accused of sex crimes against a minor including child abuse, child molestation or child pornography you need an experienced legal team to guarantee you are treated fairly throughout your trial. 

Other charges related to minors include internet solicitation of a minor, statutory rape and indecent exposure.  The penalties for these crimes can be severe therefore you need an expert team of lawyers on your side.

No matter what charges you are facing related to child sex crimes, you need a legal team who will be relentless in building your defense.  Our sex crimes legal team at Grewal Law will help you gain an edge as your case moves forward.


Sex Offender Registration

If you are convicted of certain sex crimes, you will be required to register under the Public Sex Offender Registry.  The online database includes the names, addresses and the offense an individual was convicted of related to a sex crime.  Some crimes require lifetime registration on the list while others only require registration for a set period of time ranging from 15 to 25 years.

It is imperative to an experienced sex crimes lawyer team to keep your name from appearing on the registry.  Having your name on the registry can prohibit you from obtaining certain jobs and will alter the perception people have about you for the entire time your name is on the list.  Contact our experienced legal team today to help you mount the defense necessary to keep your name from appearing on the registry.


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When facing sex crime charges you need an aggressive legal team who will be on your side to help you combat accusations related to these serious allegations.  Our expert team of sex crime lawyers at Grewal Law, PLLC will help you throughout the entire trial process.

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