Keys to Winning a Sex Crime Case

When facing criminal charges related to sex in Lansing you need a criminal law attorney in Michigan who will successfully argue the case in your favor.  Often people are falsely accused of these types of crimes and without the proper defense can be wrongfully convicted.

These crimes carry harsh penalties and you deserve a legal team who will fight to show your innocence.  The key to winning a sex crime case is having a superb investigative team who know how to sort through the evidence the prosecution may be building against you.

Our team at Grewal Law believes you are innocent until proven guilty when charged with a sex crime. Before talking to police you need to have an experienced Lansing criminal defense attorney to ensure a thorough investigation is conducted.

Too often innocent people are wrongfully convicted because of errors in the investigation.  The experts in our firm will develop an aggressive defense to fight false allegations against you.

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Sex Crime Charges: Motivations Behind False Accusations

Most charges related to sex crimes are based on the word of the accuser.  Therefore, it is essential to have an investigative team who will dig deep to uncover the background and motivation of the person making the accusations.  We will work with psychological experts to help discover facts to help in your case.

Many false accusations stem from child custody disputes, individuals lying about consensual sex or financial extortion of individuals.  No matter what motivation drives someone to make such horrible claims against you, our team of legal experts will fight to expose the truth.

Parents sometimes make false accusations related to sexual molestation or other inappropriate behavior against his or her child to try to get an advantage in divorce or custody proceedings.  Our investigators will work to uncover the truth exposing these false allegations.

Sometimes someone regrets a decision he or she made when engaging in sex with someone and lies about sexual assault or rape to cover up their decision.  These allegations may be driven by fear of having his or her reputation damaged.  Our criminal defense team will bring to light the true circumstances surrounding the sexual encounter.

Finally, some individuals accuse someone of a sex crime in order to extort money.  Employees sometimes make allegations against an employer in hopes of a big payout from the company.  Other times someone falsely accuses an individual who is a leader in the community or who is happily married trying in an attempt to be paid for silence.

He or she will offer to change his or her story about the accused if given a payoff.  Falsely accusing someone of these heinous crimes for personal gain is wrong and we will expose his or her true intentions.


Problematic Evidence

Cases related to sexual charges are very emotional.  Because of the nature of these cases, law enforcement does not always follow the proper search and seizure guidelines required by law when gathering evidence.  Our team will determine will determine if anything was illegally obtained while building the case against you.

In addition, young children are often given leading questions which can lead to the development of false allegations against someone.  Trusted individuals such as parents, therapists, Child Protective Services officers or police may ask suggestive questions building false memories in a child’s mind.  We will work with expert psychologists to ensure tainted evidence is not used in an attempt to convict you.

Other issues in a case may arise from the use of evidence gathered through polygraph tests.  We will work with you to determine if having you submit to a polygraph is the best choice.  Investigators often utilize these tests in an attempt to get you to say an incriminating statement to use in your case.

Knowing who will be conducting the polygraph on behalf of the police will help guide our team in deciding whether or not submitting to a polygraph is the right choice for you.  Our team at Grewal Law will help you determine the best option for your case.


Grewal Law: Experienced Criminal Defense Lawyers in Lansing

The key to winning a sex crime case mounted against you is having an expert team of lawyers to lead your defense.  We will challenge all the evidence and accusations made against you to help show reasonable doubt in the prosecutor’s case.

Our legal counsel at Grewal Law, PLLC will help you be successful in winning your case. 

The Lansing crime attorneys at our firm will help you avoid falling victim to Common Sex Crime Defense Mistakes. 

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