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If you are facing charges related to a theft or property, you need our experienced Lansing and East Lansing defense lawyers.  Our team at Grewal is ready to design the best strategy in your case.  If you are convicted some of the theft and property crime charges outlined below, you could potentially face life imprisonment.  In addition, some charges come with fines on top of any prison time you will need to complete.

At our firm, we recognize you are innocent until proven guilty in all theft and property crime charges.  The legal counsel at Grewal Law will conduct a thorough investigation to find the evidence needed to fight the prosecution’s case.  We will look for any potential issues in their evidence ranging from not properly reading your Miranda rights to problems with eye witness accounts.

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Armed Robbery and Theft

Committing armed robbery is a crime that comes with severe punishment if convicted in Michigan.  Anyone convicted of the offense faces serious prison time depending on the value of the goods stolen during the crime.  Jail time ranges from a minimum of two years up through life imprisonment.

Armed robbery is defined as the act of stealing or attempting to steal something while using force or violence against another person.  Even if a suspect is not actually armed with a weapon, during the attack. giving the impression you have a dangerous weapon while the robbery is taking place can result in this charge.  Additional time can be added to a sentence if serious injury is caused to one of the individuals during the crime.

If you are facing armed robbery charges do not wait to get legal representation.  Call Grewal Law today to start building your defense.


Unarmed Robbery and Theft

In contrast to armed robbery, unarmed robbery or theft does not come with as severe penalties.  Theft otherwise known as larceny is the act of taking something that does not belong to you without an owner’s consent.  If a threat or any force is used to commit the crime it is known as robbery.  If convicted of unarmed robbery or theft the punishment you receive depends on the value of the property you stole.

Under Michigan law, you could spend anywhere from 93 days in prison up through 10 years in jail.  You could also be facing fines starting at $500 up through $15,000.  Our Lansing criminal defense attorneys will walk you through everything related to the charges you are facing.


Auto Theft

According to Michigan law, auto theft is intentionally taking possession of and driving away in a motor vehicle belonging to another person, without that person’s consent.  You will be charged with a felony and could face up to five years in jail if convicted.  There are varying charges you could encounter if you were just a passenger while someone else stole the car or if you did not intend to keep the vehicle.

Once a threat or any type of force is used during the act of taking the vehicle you will be charged with carjacking with the possibility of life in prison.  If you are accused of committing an auto theft crime, call Grewal Law to help you understand your charges.  Our legal counsel will build the most effective defense against the case of the prosecution.


Home Invasion

There are varying degrees of home invasion charges you could be charged with under Michigan law.  Home invasion occurs when an individual break into or enters a dwelling without the owner’s permission.  It is a first degree charge if a dangerous weapon was used or the crime took place while another person was lawfully in the dwelling.  The maximum sentence you could receive if convicted is 20 years in jail with fines up to $5,000.

In contrast, to first-degree charges you could face second or third degree which come with lesser penalties if convicted.  If you are facing home invasion charges, call our expert legal team today to start building your defense.  We have years of experience defending these cases and will help you understand the charges being brought against you.


Breaking and Entering

Understanding the laws regarding breaking and entering,otherwise known as burglary,in Michigan can be confusing.  The circumstances surrounding your case impact the penalties you will receive if convicted.  From attempting to break into a property to trying to access a depository box to using explosives in the act of the crime, all of these circumstances influence the types of charges brought against you in a burglary case.

As your Lansing criminal defense team, we will help you understand the nuances of your charges and will work with you to combat any evidence brought by the prosecution.


Retail Fraud & Shoplifting

Taking something from a store while it is open to the public is considered retail fraud or shoplifting.  Charges for this crime can also be the result of someone altering the price of a piece of merchandise for a significantly lower price than it is offered for sale by the retailer.  Anyone charged with this crime can face a misdemeanor charge with possible jail time up to 1 year and up to $2,000 in fines.  Our lawyers at Grewal Law will take time to hear your side of the story and will work with you to build an effective defense in your retail fraud case.


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When facing any theft or property crime charge in Michigan, you need an aggressive defense attorney who will support you throughout the entire proceedings.  Our theft and property crime lawyers at Grewal Law, PLLC will fight these serious allegations on your behalf.

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