Dangerous Prescription Errors Far Too Common

Each year, over 3 billion prescriptions are dispensed in the United States. Patients depend on these medications for their well-being, and it is important that the dispensing pharmacy accurately fill each prescription with the correct drug and dosage. In addition, pharmacists and pharmacy technicians are under enormous pressure to keep costs low by filling high volumes of prescriptions quickly.

All of this adds up to a shockingly high risk for injury as a result of pharmacy error. A recent investigation into prescription error identified several potential pitfalls:

  • The pharmacy dispenses a drug other than that which was prescribed
  • The pharmacy fails to identify a potentially dangerous drug interaction
  • A pharmacist fails to counsel the patient about the drug
  • The dosage is incorrectly provided on the label

These are just four possible types of pharmacy error. While some errors may not result in any harm to the patient, those that do injure the patient present a very serious safety concern. According to some studies, perhaps as many as one in ten prescriptions result in a significant adverse outcome. By taking an active role in your health care and asking questions of your doctor and pharmacist, you may be able to avoid becoming a victim of pharmacy error.

Sometimes, even in spite of your best efforts, a pharmacy may make a mistake that causes you injury. The attorneys at our firm handle pharmacy negligence cases regularly and we may be able to help hold the pharmacy accountable for their actions. In doing so, we can help compensate you and help prevent such an error from happening again.