Don't Tell Me What You Can't Do, Show Me What You Can Do: Armless Pianist Defies the Odds

If you’ve ever had one of those days where you simply feel like you can’t accomplish your goals, just think of Liu Wei, the armless pianist recently featured on “China’s Got Talent”. Wei exemplifies the notion that we can overcome the odds–no matter how insurmountable they may seem.

23-year-old Wei lost his arms in a freak accident when he was just 10, after touching an electrified wire while playing hide-and-seek. But his tragic circumstances didn’t stop him from pursuing his dream of becoming a pianist. In fact, even after a piano teacher told Wei that he could never play the piano, he taught himself how at age 18–by using his feet. As it turns out, Wei’s got more talent in his pincky toe than most four-limbed pianist do in their fingers.

Astounded by his performance, the judges on “China’s Got Talent” sat stunned as Wei explained:

“For people like me, there were only two options. One was to abandon all dreams, which would lead to a quick, hopeless death. The other was to struggle without arms to live an outstanding life.”

Watch the video to witness Wei’s amazing piano-playing capabilities and unbreakable spirit.