Former Pastor Suing The Geek Squad for Negligent Repairs to His Computer Resulting in Electrocution

According to a federal lawsuit filed in Maryland just a few days ago, a former pastor is suing Best Buy and its Geek Squad computer service and repair group for allegedly making negligent repairs to his computer, which caused him to suffer a severe electric shock.

The lawsuit specifically alleges that the former pastor, Charles Casey, received repair services on his computer from the Geek Squad in September 2007. However, after bringing the computer back home and attempting to plug his printer back into the computer, he received a tremendous electric shock that sent tingles up his right hand into his shoulder and to his tongue.

Casey, who was 73 at the time of the incident reportedly suffered injury to both of his arms, including the dislocation of both of his shoulders. Consequently, he required physical therapy and care from his wife since he wasn’t able to use his arms while recuperating, according to the lawsuit.