Careless Driving Leads to Death of Motorcyclist

According to reports, on June 30th Beth Schuivens was riding her motorcycle on East Fulton St. in Lowell Township when a pickup truck collided with her. Police reports indicate the truck driver failed to yield the right of way to the motorcycle, causing a head-on car motorcycle crash. The Kent County Police Department is continuing to investigate the accident and a final report should be issued soon. There is a chance this crash could be investigated by the Kent County Prosecutor’s office, depending on the outcome of the police investigation.

From what we know that has already been reported, it sounds like the truck driver was not paying full attention. It’s difficult to conceive of another reason why this crash happened, although there could be landmarks, trees, or other things blocking the view of a driver pulling out onto the road in this particular stretch of roadway in Lowell. Until the investigation is complete, all we can say for certain is the truck driver pulled out into on coming traffic and collided with a motorcyclist head on, causing Ms. Schuivens’ death.

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