5 Injured in a Three Vehicle Collision After Driver Failed to Stop Within an Assured Clear Distance

An auto accident took place on Monday, June 21, 2010, in Lansing, Michigan on the corner of Cedar Street and Holmes Road that sent 5 people to the hospital after.

The accident was a three car accident caused by the failure of a driver to maintain an assured clear distance behind the vehicle in front of him, which then collided into the third vehicle that had also come to a complete stop.

Rear-end collisions happen often, and the can be avoided if we take greater care to leave enough distance between our vehicle and the vehicle in front of us. In this case, a Capital Area Transportation Authority (CATA) bus had stopped to let passengers off and pick up new passengers. An SUV that was behind the CATA bus had come to a safe stop behind the bus, but the last vehicle was not able to come to a stop before setting off the accident.

5 people were injured in the 3-vehicle collision, two from the middle SUV, two from the CATA bus, and one passenger from the truck were all taken to an area hospital for their injuries.

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