Birth Trauma Induced Cerebral Palsy is Often Avoidable

Cerebral palsy is a tragic and permanent condition that afflicts infants and very young children. The symptoms of this condition can range from simple lack of fine muscle coordination to an inability to maintain balance or walk. Cerebralpalsy is often accompanied by other medical complications, including seizures and developmental delays. While there is no cure for cerebral palsy, many treatment options are available to help patients and their families cope with the disorder.

Cerebral palsy can be caused by a number of different events, some of which may occur before birth, during birth, or after birth. In some cases, cerebral palsy may result from a combination of events occurring at all three stages of the birth process. Unfortunately, one common and often preventable cause is birth trauma (sometimes called birth injury) caused by a medical professional.

Birth trauma induced cerebral palsy has resulted in a fair amount of litigation. In some cases, a clear error by the delivering doctor has resulted in serious injury to the newborn child. When these cases go to trial, juries have been known to return favorable verdicts. Each individual case is different, and the outcome will be dependent upon the specific facts at hand.

Fortunately, advances in treatment hold promise for people suffering from cerebral palsy. However, negligent doctors must still be held accountable for their errors. The patients and families who suffer through these avoidable injuries deserve to be compensated for their loss.