Drive-Through Pharmacy Windows: Convenience or Prescription for Error?

A new study authored by Sheryl Szeinbach, a professor at the Ohio State University, indicates that pharmacists who work at pharmacies with drive-through windows believe the additional distractions associated with the window service can lead to delays, reduced efficiency and dispensing mistakes. The pharmacists who took part in the survey believe the design and layout of their workplace has an impact on dispensing accuracy.

We are closing in on nearly four billion prescriptions being dispensed annually in the United States. Even under the most sensitive internal quality controls pharmacists nationally make approximately 5.7 errors ber 10,000 prescriptions, or 2.2 million dispensing errors each year.

Always check to be sure the drug and dose is what your doctor ordered. Don’t be in a hurry. Ask questions and search the internet. Your health is worth the extra time.