Michigan Provides No Fault Benefits to All Persons Injured in Auto Accidents

If you have ever been involved in an automobile accident, there are a number of benefits that your auto insurance is required to provide to you under Michigan law. These benefits are guaranteed to you when you are injured in an automobile accident, regardless of whether you have your own policy of insurance.

If you do not have your own auto insurance, Michigan law allows you to collect no-fault benefits from any of the following people:

  • Any family member or spouse who you have been living with for more than 30 days prior to the accident
  • The driver or a passenger of the vehicle you were riding in when the accident occurred
  • The owner or registrant of the vehicle you were riding in when the accident occurred
  • The driver of the other vehicle involved in the accident

If none of those individuals have auto insurance, then an injured person can apply for no-fault benefits through the Michigan Assigned Claims Facility. This allows for no-fault benefits to be provided to persons injured in auto accidents when there is no auto insurance available, if the appropriate auto insurance carrier cannot be identified, or if there are more than one insurance carrier who may be responsible and neither carrier is paying benefits.

But just what are these “no-fault” benefits? No-fault benefits refer to a 5 part set of medical and economic services provided by an auto insurance carrier to persons injured in an auto accident. These benefits are given regardless of fault, hence the name no-fault benefits. The benefits are:

  • Wage loss, covering up to 85% of your pre-tax wages for time off work related to the auto accident
  • Medical coverage for life for any injuries reasonably or necessarily related to the auto accident
  • Medical mileage, reimbursement for driving to and from doctors appointments or other necessary treatments
  • Replacement services reimbursement up to $20 per day for household services (cooking, cleaning, etc) provided a family member, friend, or professional
  • Attendant care coverage which provides skilled nursing for personal care or other needs

You have up to one year from the date of the accident to apply for no-fault benefits, but you should apply for benefits immediately. This will ensure that you are provided with all of the benefits you are entitled to under Michigan law. If you have been in an auto accident and have not applied for no-fault benefits or are not receiving all of the benefits you are entitled to, please use the contact form at the top of the page to put you in touch with a professional who can assist you with getting all of your no-fault benefits.

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