Summer Means More Traffic, Greater Risk of Car Accidents

The arrival of summer means more and more people will be hitting the road. Despite rising fuel prices, summer is a time when many families decide to travel all over Michigan and the rest of the United States. With increased traffic, of course, comes the increased risk of a car accident.

For years, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has strenuously advocated its “Click It or Ticket” campaign. According to the NHTSA, the effort has resulted in increased daytime seat belt use, while nighttime seat belt use continues to lag. Teenagers seem to be particularly at risk for a fatal car crash– nearly 5,000 teens died as a result of motor vehicle accidents in 2006.

In order to promote compliance with seat belt laws, law enforcement agencies nationwide are engaging in “high visibility enforcement.” Michigan is no exception. In addition to an aggressive public education campaign, police agencies are rigorously enforcing the law in hopes of turning around declining seat belt use in Michigan.