Woman sustains serious injuries from car accident

According to reports, on June 24, 2010, a woman was seriously injured when her car broadsided another car near the intersection of Onondaga and Bunker in Aurelius Township. The woman allegedly ran a stop sign on Bunker Road, resulting in the crash. It is not clear how serious the injuries were to either driver, but the woman who allegedly ran the stop sign was taken to Sparrow Hospital for treatment.

As my good friend Steve Lombardi put it last year on the same subject,

It goes without saying that stop signs are meant to be obeyed; and for a very good reason. Fail to obey a stop sign and you are 99.99% of the time the “at fault” driver. So like most juries we ask, “What’s your excuse for not stopping?”

Further investigation will be done by police to determine if a stop sign was disregarded, and this article is based upon the information available at the time it was written.