Semi-truck Rollover Closes I-96 Near Brighton For Hours

With the busy holiday travels coming up next weekend it’s a good idea to be extra careful on the highways. Yesterday, I-96 was closed for several hours near Brighton and US-23 after an overturned semi-truck spilled a chemical called Monolube 3004. The driver of the semi-truck lost control of the vehicle on

The accident on I-96 took place in the middle of the day on Wednesday, May 19, 2010. The driver of the truck was injured and taken to University of Michigan Hospital for treatment. The truck was carrying 70 drums of the chemical. Green Oak Deputy Fire Chief Kevin Gentry told a local radio station that while the material itself was not hazardous, when shaken and sealed in un-vented containers it releases hydrogen gas and has the potential to create an over-pressure explosion.

Fortunately, nobody else was injured in mid-day accident. As we approach Memorial Day weekend, it would do everyone some good to give yourself extra distance between yourself and that vehicle in front of you. When traveling at high speeds, your ability to avoid someone else is the difference between an annoying delay in traffic and a tragedy.