Lawyers Poll: Alton Davis, Denise Langford Morris Should Be Elected to MSC

With the election just over a month away, many Michigan voters have some idea of who they will vote for in the race for the governor’s seat. When it comes to the candidates for the Michigan Supreme Court, however, people are not as certain.

A recent poll by Michigan Lawyers Weekly asked attorneys in Michigan who they would vote for in November. The top two vote getters – by a wide margin – were current MSC Justice Alton Davis and Judge Denise Langford Morris. Both have promised to bring a fair and balanced approach to the bench, which explains why lawyers in this state are willing to vote for them.

Justice Davis has a long and distinguished career as a jurist. From his roots as a prosecuting attorney, he then moved on to the 46th Circuit Court. From there, he was appointed to the Michigan Court of Appeals in 2005. After being reelected twice, he was appointed to the Michigan Supreme Court last month following Elizabeth Weaver’s resignation.

Judge Denise Langford Morris was appointed to Oakland County Circuit Court in 1992 and was the Circuit’s first African American judge. She has a lengthy history of serving people who need the most protection – disabled adults and abused children.

Do your research and spend time thinking about the issues that are important to you. Then, this November, remember to cast your vote for the Michigan Supreme Court candidates who will work to extend the protection of the law to you and your family.