Mobile Phone App Captures Hit and Run Accident As It Happens

Applications for mobile phones are very popular these days. Whether you want to play a game, do your taxes, or gaze into the night sky and see what constellations are up there, many new smart phones are up to that challenge. There are also applications that involve collecting data or video for later use by the user. One such application, DailyRoads Voyager, captures the video for an entire drive using the phone’s camera. The recent use of this application may help find a criminal driver in Tennessee.

Nic Bender downloaded and was using the Voyager application in his vehicle when he was hit by another car who sped off without stopping. The entire collision was captured by his phone and shows the other car hitting his car and speeding off away from the scene of the crash. The video of this hit and run crash is part of the evidence utilized by the Knoxville Police in determining the identity of the other vehicles driver.

Bender said he wanted to use the application while he was driving just in case there was a crash involving his car so he could show what he was doing at the time of any future crash. It looks like this application will be very helpful in showing what happened and helping to catch the driver of the other vehicle. The Voyager application is only available on Android powered smart phones.