service animal

What Questions Can You Ask About Service Animals?

What many people may not realize is that when it comes to a service animal, there are limited inquiries that can be made. An inquiry can be made when it is not obvious what service an animal actually provides. Only then can the following two inquiries be made:

  1. Whether the animal is a service animal that is required because of a disability; and
  2. What work or task that animal has been trained to perform.

A person cannot be asked about their disability or be required to provide any of the following:

  1. Medical documentation in relation to their disability;
  2. Documents in regard to the animal’s training or certification; and
  3. A demonstration of the animal performing a task.

It is important to note that allergies or fear of dogs are not valid reasons for denying access to a person’s service animal. Furthermore, those who have service animals cannot be treated less favorably or charged fees that are not charged to others without animals. Businesses are required to waive any fees for service animals that they typically charge to patrons with pets.

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