Generac Power Systems Faces Lawsuits for Defective Solar Energy Systems

The attorneys at Grewal Law PLLC are investigating Generac Power Systems’ PWRcell system, a solar energy system that may be defective and causing damage and safety risks to consumers nationwide. Consumers that purchased or are using Generac’s PWRcell system with a SnapRS component may be incurring decreased energy production and at risk for fire or damage to their solar panel system.

Reported Generac Defects

Generac Power Systems (“Generac”) is a global corporation that manufactures a litany of energy-based products, including solar energy products. Generac’s PWRcell system is a solar energy and battery storage system, which is now having reported issues and malfunctions caused by a component called the SnapRS.

Generac’s SnapRS is designed to act as a circuit breaker by shutting down individual solar panels in the event of a system surge that can be caused by a lightning strike or power surge. According to reports, many customers have claimed that the SnapRS components have melted or exploded, and in some instances, caused fires in residential homes.

Legal Action Against Generac

According to a lawsuit filed by national solar panel installation company Pink Energy, Generac attempted to fix the SnapRS component without issuing a recall. Rather, the lawsuit alleges that Generac provided two attempts at fixing the problem, neither of which has been fully successful.

  • First, Generac made a SnapRS replacement to be used in new solar systems. However, consumers continue to report the same issues with the new component.
  • Second, Generac provided a firmware update for customers with the SnapRS components installed in their systems. Unfortunately, this presented decreased energy production and was unavailable to consumers without Wi-Fi capabilities.

Consumers who were able to install the firmware update have reported that the update causes the SnapRS component to shut down the entire solar panel system whenever it detected a perceived problem. According to the Pink lawsuit, this shutdown would occur even when there was no actual problem or power surge. As a result, Generac’s solar panel system was shutting down, without notice, and consumers were not getting the benefit of their solar panels through energy production, energy storage, and selling excess energy back to local power grids.

As a result of the issues related to Generac’s SnapRS component, customers who have Generac PWRcell systems may not have received the full benefits of the products they purchased and/or may be at risk for damage to their solar system or home.

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