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Divorce impacts everyone in a family and has a lasting impact on the lives of each person who is involved.  As someone going through a divorce, you may feel like you are riding a rollercoaster with your emotions.  Seeking the advice of an experienced Lansing divorce attorney who can help you throughout the entire process is imperative.

A divorce lawyer from Grewal Law will be someone who you can trust and who you can feel comfortable with navigating through your divorce proceedings.  Everyone hopes they will have an easy divorce that is uncontested; however, the legal process is often complicated and may not be straightforward.

Not every Michigan family lawyer will give you the personal attention you deserve when facing this life-altering event. At Grewal Law, we specialize in focusing on your individual needs.  We understand all families are unique therefore all divorces are not the same.  Our attorneys will be your advocate throughout the entire process.

“I called Grewal Law during a difficult time in my life to discuss my divorce and I met with Mick Grewal. He met me with compassion and genuine concern… He returned all of my calls in a timely fashion and my questions and concerns were always answered promptly.  Now that my divorce is settled, I will be going to see Mick about my estate plan in the near future.  I was very pleased with the care I received during this rough time in my life.”

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Experienced Lansing Divorce Attorney Serving Lansing, Okemos, & East Lansing

Lansing Divorce AttorneyLife is complicated and so is divorce. From the division of property to decisions about custody and child support, there are a number of issues that can arise during your case.  Because of these potential issues, you need counsel you can trust to help you make the right decisions related to your future.  There are so many things to consider from determining who will remain in the family home to deciding which spouse will take possession of a particular vehicle.

Other divisions to consider involve existing debts by one or both of the parties in the divorce and how retirement funds will be divided.  A Grewal Law attorney will explain how to prepare before filing for divorce and how to start the divorce process.

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The issues facing your divorce case are numerous and it is important to have a team of experts who have your best interests at heart.
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Understanding Michigan No-Fault Divorce

Working with someone you trust is important as you move through the court system.  Since Michigan is a No Fault state it is possible for a spouse to get a divorce without proving fault of the other party for the marriage’s breakup.  Someone seeking a No Fault divorce can allege there has been a breakdown of the marriage relationship to the extent that the objects of matrimony have been destroyed and there remains no reasonable likelihood that the marriage can be preserved.

Essentially this means individuals are able to proceed with a divorce without any allegations of abuse, mental cruelty, adultery, drug/alcohol abuse or abandonment existing in the relationship.

Even though a divorce may be considered No Fault the court may still place fault when it comes to determining the final settlement between the two parties.  These considerations may revolve around issues related to alimony, child support and the division of property.


Understanding the Division of Property and Assets

Under Michigan law, property is equitably dividedThe fairness of property division is based on several key factors including when the property was acquired and whether or not it is considered joint property of the two parties.  During the course of the divorce proceedings, the court will require each spouse to disclose how a piece of property was obtained.  Property owned prior to the marriage or inherited by one of the spouses will typically be viewed as belonging to the individual spouse.

Since property acquired during a marriage is often considered a joint asset, debt accumulated during the course of the marriage may also be considered a joint liability.  The court will make decisions on who is ultimately responsible for an individual debt along with who will be awarded a particular piece of property.

The division of debt and property can have a huge impact on your future, so you need to have an experienced attorney who will protect your assets.

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Facing Custody & Visitation Decisions

In every divorce, child custody and visitation decisions are one of the biggest challenges for families to face.  As a parent, you want time to spend with your children and want to find a balance that works the best for them.  It can be heartbreaking trying to make tough decisions related to parenting time and to final custody of children.  We want to serve as your child custody lawyers advocating for your rights as a parent.

We will also help you know all the things the court may consider when determining a judgment related to custody.  The timeline for divorces can vary, so we will help you understand the process for how the care, custody and support of children is handled during the duration of your case before a divorce decree is issued.

It is important to understand in Michigan there are several types of custody arrangements which exist. The Child Custody Act outlines joint physical and legal custody options along with sole physical and legal custody options.  Other types of custody which exist include primary physical custody and other forms of parenting time determined for individual cases.

Besides the actual time spent with a child other considerations of the court will be related to health care, schooling and the ability of a parent to provide for a child in his or her care.  Our team of family lawyers will help you understand all the factors the court may examine in your custody case.

Consideration may include, but is not limited to the following factors:

  • The capacity and willingness of each party to provide basic essentials for the child including food, clothing, medical care and shelter.
  • The existing bond between the child and each of the parents and the time the child has spent living with each party.
  • The physical and mental well-being of each individual.
  • The willingness of each parent to continue a close relationship with the child.
  • The location where the parent and child will call home along with the school where the child will attend.

It can be difficult to understand the different types of custody that exist.

  • Sole physical custody is where one party is awarded most or all of the parenting time with a child.
  • Sole legal custody is when one parent is able to decisions for the well-being of the minor child without the input of the other parent.

There are also two types of joint custody arrangements.

  • Joint physical custody is where parenting time is shared for children, but this arrangement does not guarantee an even split.
  • Furthermore, joint legal custody means all decisions related to the child are made by both parents.

Do not leave your child’s future in the hands of someone who does not have your best interests at heart.  We will provide you with compassionate legal representation.

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Spousal Support Awards

Even though Michigan is a No Fault divorce state, there are still instances where alimony/spousal support may be awarded to one party.  Considerations made in these judgments include the earning capacity of one spouse, the length of the marriage and overall wealth of both parties.  The process of how alimony is awarded and distributed is complex, so it is essential to have an expert divorce lawyer to help you advocate for a fair judgment without lasting tax and other financial ramifications for you.


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The issues facing your divorce case are numerous and it is important to have a team of experts who have your best interests at heart.  From divorce mediation to a divorce trial in Michigan, we will be your compassionate legal team bringing over a decade of experience in family law to your case.

Our team will also help you face all the post-judgment issues related to your divorce.

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