The Grewal family has served the Mid-Michigan area for decades, and Grewal Law PLLC carries on that tradition of service and personal attention. We quickly address your legal issues and meet all attainable goals in an expeditious manner.

When you walk through our door, we want you to feel confident that your legal needs can be met.

We are proud to be a family law firm you can turn to again and again.

Client Testimonials:

“Mr. Fraser represented me in a child custody case in Ingram county. I had not previously been represented in family court and the results were devastating. My sons father was granted full physical custody and I was only allowed weekend and holiday visits. For eight years this went on.
I had told everybody about the situation at my son’s father‘s house and how bad it was a nobody would listen, except for Mr. Fraser.
They’re finally came a time when evidence of alcohol abuse and domestic violence from an outside source became available. And Mr. Fraser utilized that evidence to change my family’s life! After eight years of fighting, tears lost time, and trying to tell my story, the truth was being told. We took this evidence to friend of the Court in Ingham County and Mr. Fraser was effective in presenting the evidence in a manner in which the judge was able to make a decision that was very positive for me, my son and our family. I have recommended Mr. Fraser to many of my coworkers and friends struggling to navigate family court and FOC.
I consider Mr. Fraser a part of our extended family and we will forever be grateful.”

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Thanks to the highly qualified and extremely well prepared representation of attorney John Fraser, my case got dismissed!

I am a MMMP card holder with medical marijuana patient status and am licensed to grow my own medicinal marijuana plants at home. Thinking I was doing everything according to the rules, didn’t prevent law enforcement from coming to the house to pay a visit. And in the process found things that they we’re going to challenge……. period. Long story short, I wound up with Felony Manufacturing charges. Which if prosecuted to the full extent of the law would bring 4 years in prison with it. I knew immediately that I would need good, rather great, representation. That’s when I contacted attorney John Fraser at Grewal Law in Okemos, and asked him to come on board. And thank God I did. First of all, as far as anyone in the Greater Lansing area that is an expert on Michigan Medical Marijuana Law, it’s attorney Fraser for sure. So if you have a case pertaining to anything drug related, I would highly recommend your contacting him. But his expertise travels well beyond that of drug related law. And the team he works with at Grewal are also people of integrity, with a diverse array of special qualifications for really any legal need. My case looked as though it would be bound over to the circuit Court. But when he was able to present a few of our arguments to the prosecutor, she was faced with the reality that her case wasn’t worth pursuing. And yes, without ever needing to even be present for my preliminary exam, the decision was made to throw out my case entirely! Judge signed the papers the following morning. And now all of this is behind me now…… for good. And for that I sincerely thank and commend Mr. Fraser.

-Satisfied Client (Jan. 2018)


I was told by several people that divorce is one of the worst experiences in life. I had heard several horror stories from people who had gone through it so I was expecting complete drama and chaos. Fortunately, none of that happened in my divorce because I secured Joe Poprawa from Grewal Law. I knew right away when I met him that I was going to be in good hands and I was right. Throughout my entire divorce, Joe explained to me in plain English each part of the process, what to expect, my options and what to expect from him. Not once did I have to call him and ask him what was happening with my divorce because he always explained the next process ahead of time. 

I never had to worry about my divorce because I knew Joe was overseeing every part of it. As a result, I was able to focus my time and my energy on adjusting to my new life as a single mom and getting my children acclimated to their new living situation. As a mom, I thank Joe profusely because with him taking care of my divorce I was able to devote my time to taking care of my children during this huge life change for them. I certainly would recommend him to anyone considering going through divorce.

11/01/2016 MC


Grewal Law offers a service to its clients, that is professional and the entire staff makes a personal effort to help each individual.

I am grateful for all of the individuals that Grewal Law provided to me during the short sale of my home. I was informed of all activities that were taking place during this process.

The service from this company is fantastic. It is a team that will represent you well.

MLO – July 2016


When I recently found myself facing a law suit, I was over whelmed. I was acting as the Trustee for my friend who had just passed and the responsibilities were new to me as well as time-consuming. In the middle of this, her family made outrageous accusations and brought a law suit against my brother and me. 

Joe Poprawa and Jill Kopec of Grewal Law PLLC were not only competent but very supportive throughout the 4 months it took to resolve this. It could have taken much longer to bring this to an end but a reasonable settlement through mediation was reached. I cannot thank them enough. I would take any future legal issues to them without hesitation.

RF – July 2016


I had been battling the State of Michigan for 9 years to try and get my driving privileged restored. My reckless past had left me with a series of DUI convictions and a revoked license. Everything I tried on my own led to a dead end. Denied, denied, denied.

Another attorney recommended I call Joseph Poprawa at Grewal Law. He was prompt, professional and on the case. I was living in West Virginia at the time, and the service was still seamless.

Joseph stood up to the State of Michigan, and got my full driving privileges restored! The price was extremely reasonable, and the results were excellent. I would recommend them to anyone needing legal representation.

Thanks Joseph! Thanks Grewal Law!

PC    July 8, 2016


Erin sent me the Close Bankruptcy Case and Order officially closing my bankruptcy case.  What a relief to get from under a matter that has been going on since 2010.
I want to express my thanks and appreciation to both of you for your efforts on my behalf as it relates to the bankruptcy.  I also want you to know how very helpful and patient Erin Estrada has been in helping me compile and understand all the documents I needed to collect for the case.
You are an excellent team and have put me in a position to move forward and hopefully restore what was once an excellent credit record and rating.  Again, my thanks for everything you have done for me.  I am very appreciative!



I got charged with a DUI and I called several attorneys for help.  I had no clue how to choose an attorney for this because I never thought I would be in this situation in the first place.  I just knew I needed an attorney and I needed a real good one because I had so much at stake.  Thank God I was referred to Joe Poprawa and Grewal Law PLLC.  He was the first and only attorney I met with.  I told him what had happened and I was surprised at the amount of time he took listening to me.  It was very clear to me that this man cared about my situation.  Joe was honest and told me about the seriousness of the charge.  I felt reassured though when he said he was going to do everything he could to help me and Joe did!  I could not have been more pleased with the outcome.  I would recommend Joe and Grewal Law PLLC to anyone who is facing a DUI.  I am so grateful for him.

MC        July 1, 2016


I hired Mr. Grewal to represent me in my Pre-Trial Hearing. This was my very first auto accident and traffic ticket, so I was very nervous and did not know what to do. My employer told me that if I received 3 points on my license, I would no longer have a job. Mr. Grewal took the time to sit down with me multiple times and reviewed all of my options with me. Mr. Grewal told me he would do his best to provide me with a result that left me with maybe 1-2 points on my license. The court date assigned to me happened to be on the same day that Mr. Grewal had to be in court for another case he was working on, so he explained to me that one of his Associates would meet me at the courthouse and present my case on his behalf. Mr. Grewal’s Associate, Mr. Heos, met me at the courthouse and did an outstanding job. Not only did he provide me with an outcome that resulted in No Points on my license, but also at a lesser cost as well.  I cannot thank Mr. Grewal enough for everything he and is associate have done for me. I will recommend Mr. Grewal and his Associates to my family, friends, co-workers and anyone else who needs good legal advice or services.

JW  10/6/2015


I’m beyond grateful for the help I received from Mick Grewal and his team. I didn’t know where to turn when I had fallen behind on my mortgage payments and I was very worried about losing my house. When I called Mick he was quick to help, he sat me down with Jessica Parks who helped me every step of the way when applying for the step forward Michigan program. They not only got me approved to get me current on my payments I’m also getting help with my payments for one full year! I can’t thank them enough for all of their help and helping me through such a stressful time! They are truly the best and will help in any way they possibly can! I would recommend them to any and everyone!

Thank you again!
MJ   6/15/2015


I called Grewal Law during a difficult time in my life to discuss my divorce and I met with Mick Grewal. He met me with compassion and genuine concern.  I got great advice from Mick.  He directed me to counselors and assured me his office would proceed forward to protect my interests and property in the divorce, which they did!  He returned all of my calls in a timely fashion and my questions and concerns were always answered promptly.  Now that my divorce is settled, I will be going to see Mick about my estate plan in the near future.  I was very pleased with the care I received during this rough time in my life.

I will continue to refer all legal matters to Grewal Law.

WR        1/21/2015


I was viciously attached by a dog on my own property.  I was left with not only physical wounds but emotional wounds as well.  I contacted Grewal Law after a referral from a friend.  I met with Mick Grewal and he immediately put my mind at ease.  It took a little over a year but through hard work and relentlessness from Mick, I was awarded a favorable settlement from the insurance company.

BH        1/21/2015


I came to Grewal Law in over my head with several matters personal and business related.  After meeting with Mick, we devised a plan to settle my debt and then redeem my home from foreclosure.  Mick and his staff, particularly Jessica, were able to accomplish all of this for me and my family.

Mick continues to assist me with corporate matters and civil litigation relating to my business and he and his staff continue to do an excellent and thorough job.

Grewal Law is my family attorney for every need including my estate planning.

I am now able to comfortably continue to live the American dream and provide for my family.

Sincerely,               1/21/2015


I was charged with a serious felony weapon charge.  I am from out of state and was here for work.   I didn’t know what to do.  I had heard great things about Grewal Law.  So I gave them a call.  Mick Grewal was able to meet with me immediately.    He worked diligently, over and above what any other attorney would do in my opinion, on my case for months.  Mick continued to push for the best result in my case; which resulted in a delayed sentence on a misdemeanor charge and no jail time.

I am so grateful I do not have a felony on my record.

Sincerely,                     1/21/2015


I came to Grewal Law after I was facing a possible embezzlement charge.  I was terrified at the thought of going through the court system and having this very serious charge on my record.  My family and I met with Mick Grewal and instantly I knew I was in good hands.  Mick is very down to earth, his staff was always friendly and any time I called with a question, I always received a prompt call back.  After making several telephone calls on my behalf, Mick was able to get me into a diversion program, this meant that I never had to go through the court system and this charge will never appear on my record.

I am ecstatic I can close this chapter of my life now and move on.

Sincerely,             1/21/2015


I was faced with the fact that I was about to lose my home.  I could no longer afford my payments.  I turned to Grewal Law and I knew I was in good hands.  Mick and his staff responded to my questions and concerns, diligently contacted the bank and the bank’s attorney to attempt to modify my mortgage.  After a year of hard work, not only did their office get me an affordable and permanent modification of my mortgage but they also were able to negotiate a principal reduction of close to $300,000.00.  I was able to stay in the home that I love because of Grewal Law.

Grewal handles all my business matters as my corporate attorney as well as any family matter that may arise including my estate planning.

I will always refer friends and family who are looking for an attorney to Grewal Law.

Sincerely,                    1/21/2015


I was in Ingham County for work.  I was pulled over and charged with a drunk driving second offense and having a loaded weapon in my vehicle, which unbeknownst to me is a felony in Michigan.  I was terrified at the repercussions not only legally but with my job.  I called Grewal Law after hearing about their reputation from other co-workers in the area.  I met with Mick and I felt better about my situation instantaneously.  After months of working with the prosecutor, Mick was able to work out a plea bargain where I would plea to a drunk driving first offense and the felony weapon charge was reduced to a misdemeanor.  I was given a delayed sentence and placed on a tether.  I couldn’t have asked for a better result especially given the fact that I received NO JAIL TIME.  Mick was always readily available to answer my questions and address all of my concerns throughout the duration of this overwhelming process.  I am so glad I contacted Mick’s office, otherwise, I am not sure what could have happened to me in this legal system I am unfamiliar with.

Sincerely,               1/21/2015


I am a businessman and was faced with four serious felony charges.  I didn’t know where to turn having never had any run ins with the law prior to this incident.  I had heard about Grewal Law and decided to give Mick a call.  I am so glad I did.  I immediately felt better about my situation, the office staff is courteous, promptly replied to all of my questions and genuinely cared about my case.  Mick got to know me on a personal level as well.  He wasn’t just concerned about how my criminal case would affect me, but how it could potentially affect my wife and children too.  Mick was able to tailor a resolution that was best for everybody involved.  He obtained a plea bargain where the serious felonies were dismissed and I pled to a misdemeanor charge under a special status called 7411, which meant that upon my successful completion of a short term of probation, the charge would be dismissed and erased from my record.  I completed my probation and I have no public criminal record, I kept my driver’s license and received no jail time.  I couldn’t have asked for a better outcome!

I will continue to refer all legal matters to Grewal Law!

Sincerely,              1/21/2015


I have been a client of Grewal Law for many years.  I initially came to Mick and his office needing assistance with debt settlement, a lot of which was business debt.  Their office was able to settle multiple debts at a significant discount.

I found myself needing Mick’s assistance again.  My wife passed away and I was faced with an undue hardship and could no longer afford my mortgage payment alone.  Mick and his staff worked diligently to obtain a mortgage modification on my behalf so that I was able to stay in the home that I love and shared with my wife.  I am grateful as I could not imagine having to leave my home.

Mick is currently assisting me, as my corporate attorney, with several IRS matters as well.

Grewal Law truly works for you and always keeps your best interest in mind.

Sincerely,             1/21/2015


Dear Jessica Parks & Randall Bergmtal,

This letter comes with our deepest Thank You for all your diligent hard work and persistence in working with our mortgage company. Randall’s call came to us at a time when we had just about lost all hope of remaining in our home. Thanks to both of you we get to have another Christmas in our home.

As you are aware even though we had been fighting with our mortgage company for at least 2 years previously, they continued to lose our paperwork, state our faxes hadn’t been received, scheduled our home for sheriff’s sale without proper notification and just out right lie. If Randall hadn’t responded to my letter and accepted our case we would have lost our home and even though Randall lett the firm, he did not drop the ball.

Jessica Parks spent not hours or days but months working with our current lender. Repeatedly sending the same paperwork over and over and documenting each time she sent a fax, mailed a letter or had a conversation. There were times I must admit that I thought about just giving in and that we were fighting an up hill battle. Then we would receive an email from Jessica that would give us some hope.

I must admit I was surprised that a law firm would work so hard on a case of this nature. I can’t express my sense of relief and appreciation for all that you have done for us. A sincerest Thank you to both of you and we wish you a very Merry Christmas.

J & D


Grewal Law saved my life! In my wildest dreams,! never thought I’d be in a situation where I needed ongoing legal counsel. I was faced with dealing with a complex custody case and did not know how to face the legal challenges before me. I am well versed in the law, but I knew I needed a skilled attorney with legal prowess. Being new to East Lansing, I had no idea of where to turn in terms of retaining legal counsel. I did not just want any attorney. I wanted someone who understood and cared about my best interests. After I interviewed several firms, no one other than Mick comforted me, understood my dilemma, and vowed to help me. It was then that I knew Mick was the absolutely best attorney I could retain. After one conversation, it was clear to me that I was much more than just another client. There was no question, I immediately chose Grewal Law. Mick and his team provided me excellent legal counsel, fighting for my rights and protecting my best interests. They answered every phone call and email within minutes. And, trust me, I called several times. No firm has ever done that and I expect that no other firm will. Mick is not your every day attorney. He provided both emotional and legal support throughout the process, indicating his devotion to his clients. This stems from the fact that he truly cares about his clients as a family man and recognizes that he is not just fighting a legal battle, but he cares and recognizes that innocent lives are at stake. Grewal Law is definitely a name you can Trust! I trust no other.

EMG East Lansing 8/1/13


“Grewal PLC helped me earn back my drivers license while living out of state. They were responsive to my concerns, as well as quick to respond to my emails. When my case began to take longer than the expected timeframe, they made extra phone calls to the driver’s license bureau to expedite the process. I received a fully unrestricted license at the conclusion of my case.”

Thanks 7/30/2013


My wife and I would like to thank Grewal Law, and all the people there that we worked with over the last few months. At 65 years old, we were considering retirement, but credit card debt of over $50,000 would not allow that to happen for more years than we could possibly imagine. After consulting with Mick Grewal, we found that we might be able Co settle those debts for almost half that amount, and his team made it happen, exactly as it was explained to us. Mick, Tom Barger, and you helped us to accomplish the objectives we established, precisely as promised. Now we can proceed with plans for retirement, just as we had hoped to.

Thank you again, 7/26/2013


No one ever wants to be in the position of needing to declare personal bankruptcy. It was devastating to go from financial security with dreams of retiring on a beautiful luxury property out of state, to having our home foreclosed upon. Yet because of the incredible support we’ve had from Grewal Law PLLC, we have come to consider our bankruptcy a blessing. Due to my husband’s health problems, we were forced to put our retirement property up for sale several years ago. Unfortunately, the real estate crash rendered our investment worthless and our home drastically upside-down in value. We ended up with crushing debts that we would never have been able to overcome.

For the rest of our lives we will be indebted to Mick and Randy. They gave us sound legal advice and guidance as well as the opportunity to start over, debt-free. As we head into our future, full of hope and with the ability to buy a new home, we know that whatever lies ahead, we will never again have to face financial ruin. Thanks to Mick and Randy, we now have a retirement that is safe and secure. They have our heartfelt gratitude, and we are grateful to consider them not only our trusted attorneys but also our friends.

I have always believed that endings are new beginnings. Now I know that it is true.

M.K. & E.K.                               01/22/2013


We had made EACH & EVERY payment ON TIME, and applied for a Home Modification through the U.S. Gov’t, and were then faced with a Letter saying that we had BEEN FORECLOSED!!!

Through the advice & direction of our CPA firm here in Troy, Michigan, we were put in touch with Grewal Law in Okemos, Michigan…(GREAT ADVICE & HARD WORK TRAVEL A LONG LONG WAY!!!) Mick & his staff “went right to work” in contacting the lending institution, and starting the process to REGAIN OUR HOME!

Through months & months of communication, letters, emails, documentation. etc., etc., etc…we were notified this week that the Home Modification HAD BEEN APPROVED!…This is for sure something that I could NOT do by myself.

Many THANKS go out to the entire Law Firm, but especially to JESSICA PARKS who accepted & answered EVERY telephone call, email, & fax that was sent to her!!!

Thank you VERY MUCH to all of you, & GREWAL LAW is VERY MUCH RECOMMENDED for any & all of your legal needs!!!

-T & S, Troy, MI                                       1/27/2012



“We’d gotten into a tight financial spot and were feeling rather desperate about our situation, so we finally contacted Grewal Law. We wanted to climb off the crazy credit card train and get a handle on our debt but we had limited funds at our disposal and we were concerned about our privacy.  It’s an embarrassing scenario to need help managing your debt, but Grewal, especially Tom Barger and Erin Estrada, provided timely, cost-effective settlement results while treating us with the utmost respect and kindness. We were able to reduce our debt by more than half, which allowed us to regain control over our monthly budget and breathe a little easier. We will be forever grateful for the services Grewal, Tom and Erin provided to us and would eagerly recommend their services.”

-C and A, Ingham County, MI                                  11/30/11


“Don’t try this at home.” There is no more appropriate application of that popular admonition than when you as a homeowner are seeking a mortgage modification. Here’s what I’m talking about.

In 2009, Congress responded to the mortgage meltdown and resulting economic hard times by enacting law requiring banks to make mortgage modifications in certain cases.

The banks didn’t favor it, however. They hired special law firms in each state to assist them in resisting modifications while technically complying with the new statute. In September of 2009, when we began our process of applying for a modification, we were out-gunned by strategists who knew the game.

The bank would stall and pretend that we had failed to supply them with current financial information as required. We heard from others in our circumstances of much foot-dragging by banks – often in a successful effort to avoid granting a modification.

We most assuredly needed the following things:

· Every-day diligence with paperwork demands the bank hoped we’d miss

· Experience with court procedures to match the bank’s law firms

· Expertise with the mortgage industry and mortgage/modification law

Having been involved in negotiations with Mick Grewal in the past, I believed that his firm would possess the optimal mix of professionalism and aggressiveness for this tricky strategy play. Mick confidently assured me that his firm would be aggressive in its representation. When he assigned Tom Barger to the case, Tom never missed a beat in holding the bank accountable for its paper management. Tom used the full measure of our rights to apply for the Court’s protection when it was needed to challenge the bank.

In the end we prevailed with the Court, and we did get our modification due to the true championing of our cause by Tom Barger and the astute and competent administrative assistant Jessica at Grewal.

There is not another Michigan firm that I would consider employing to represent us, or anyone else, in the treacherous obstacle course of mortgage modification.

I repeat the admonition, whatever you do “Don’t try this at home.” We are certain that every dollar we spent at Grewal has been returned to us in the form of very favorable mortgage terms. We couldn’t have done it without Tom, Mick and Jessica. For that, we are grateful.

-M & D, Okemos, MI                                                     11/29/2011


“Shortly after purchasing a lovely retirement property, my husband’s health began to fail. For almost three years, he was in and out of the hospital with multiple surgeries and complications. At one point, he was in intensive care and almost died. He was unable to work and we began to use our credit cards more than in the past. The payments for our land investment became very challenging for us to make, so we put our beautiful luxury property up for sale, never guessing that we would have any trouble finding a buyer. Although we offered the land for far less than what we had paid for it, we were unable to sell. The stories one reads about greedy banks unfortunately turned out to be true in our case. We went from having a high credit rating and paying all of our bills on time to being approximately $300,000 in debt.


It is difficult to describe the impact that Mick Grewal has had upon our lives. Everyone goes through times in life when events take place that are hard to endure, but few people are lucky enough to have someone like Mick there to help them. From our first meeting with him, we knew that we could place our absolute trust in Mick. It is extremely rare that a total stranger would devote incredible time and effort on our behalf, and yet he has done exactly that from the very beginning. During the time that we have worked with him, we have struggled with the illness and loss of beloved family members, complete financial ruin, and my husband’s resulting severe depression.  Mick has stood by us through these times, providing help as our competent lawyer and comfort as our close friend. This testimonial for Grewal Law PLLC is heartfelt and not easy to for me to put into words. It is not an exaggeration to say that Mick saved our lives, figuratively and perhaps literally.  We can never repay what Mick has done for us, but we hope that someday we can at least pass it on. The first step is to assure Mick, Ben, Jill, Deep and all of the “behind-the-scenes” staff members who have helped us that they have made an amazing difference in our lives. Thanks to their hard work, we will soon be debt-free and able to start over. We are very grateful to all of them. I don’t know how we got so lucky to have you as our attorney, Mick, but most of all, it is an honor to have you for our friend.”

-E.J.K., Okemos                                                        7/11/2011



“We hired Grewal & Associates to assist us with our home loan modification.  We did not fit into the standard HAMP guidelines, and our case was very complicated.  Grewal Law assisted us every step of the way.  They took the burden off of us and spoke to the bank throughout the entire process.  Our past due balance was capitalized and added to our note so we did not have to come up with any down payment for our modification.  This alone saved us about $100,000.  Grewal Law was able to get us a Step Rate Modification that started at a 2% interest rate. Even though our loan is classified as a super jumbo loan we will end up with a 5.5% rate after 6 years.  Grewal Law saved us over $500,000 over the life of this mortgage.  Grewal Law saved our house and has allowed us to keep our American Dream.  We can’t thank them enough.  If you have any complicated issues, we highly recommend contacting Grewal Law.”

-Stan and Jody, Ingham County, MI                                                      12/20/2010


“[We] can’t say enough about the people, service and results we received from Grewal and Assoc. This was a difficult and emotional situation for my family. We wanted results but also privacy and respect. We got it all with Grewal. The attorneys and staff treated us with respect and were very serious about our privacy in handling these issues. They also got results. We were able to reduce our debt from $63,000 to $21,000. We are now credit card debt-free and have our peace of mind back. Grewal assisted us in settling our mortgage from $95,000 to $26,000, saving us almost $70,000. We are thankful that we were introduced to Grewal and Associates. We continue to recommend them to people we know who are struggling with the issues we faced. Thank you Grewal and Associates!

-W and A, Clinton County, MI                                                                         12/14/2010


“We were one of those couples who paid their bills on time and had all our bills under control. That is, until the “great Government credit card fix.” Even though we had paid our bills on time and were never late, our credit card interest rates shot up from 5.9% to 29.99%. Our monthly payments quadrupled. Overnight, we went from not having any financial problems to being in over our heads and stressing about what we were going to do.

That’s when we turned to Grewal & Associates. Mick Grewal is not your typical attorney. Mick truly cares about his clients as if they were his own family – that’s why we affectionately call him “Uncle Mick.”

Mick has helped us save almost $100,000! We would never have been able to get out of this mess if it weren’t for the help of Mick Grewal. He’s one of a kind, a straight shooter and that’s why you should contact him today if you are in a financial situation you never thought you would be in. We highly recommend Grewal & Associates!

Thanks Mick for all that you do.”

J & D, Lansing, MI 12/5/2010


“Dear Mick, I would like to thank everyone at Grewal & Associates for your outstanding work on my behalf.  I never thought for a second that I would still be in my home for the holidays if it weren’t for you and your staff.  Obtaining my modification through HAMP has saved me $2,000 per month at a 2% interest rate for five years. That’s just unbelievable!  Without the expertise of Grewal & Associates, I would never have had the sheriff sale expunged and the deficiency added to the end of the loan.  When I was unable to make the payments, I just didn’t know  where to turn.  Not making those payments has allowed me to get back on my feet, and I certainly couldn’t have done that without Grewal & Associates.  Even though the litigation took some time, Mick Grewal, as always, was right there by my side to explain and educate me on everything I had to do.  Again, my deepest thanks!”

-Jim, Bath, MI                                                                                                             11/30/2010


“The Grewal team’s legal and real estate experience saved me more than $300,000 in debt avoidance costs and helped protect my credit.  I did not have to declare bankruptcy.  I did not have the bank take my house.  Their expertise was invaluable.”

-Ray, Marshall, MI                                                        11/18/2010


“When the economy started to go bad, my wife was furloughed one day a week from her job and I had my pay cut at mine. To make matters worse, I had some medical problems and missed about eight weeks of work. Our savings went pretty fast after that. We had great credit before all this happened, and we figured that we could use our credit cards to pay some of the bills, and when the economy picked up, so would our pay and we would be fine. Well, you know how that went. I have always prided myself on paying my bills on time. Finding myself in this kind of financial trouble was embarrassing, to say the least, and I really wasn’t sure what to do.

Well, before we were in trouble, I contacted our mortgage lenders and tried to work out a way to reduce our monthly payments. The process of actually getting a hold of someone is a story in itself. To say it was frustrating is an understatement. When I finally did contact someone and filled out all the necessary papers, we were quickly turned down. After hearing Tim’s ads for Grewal on the radio, my wife and I decided to contact them.

Thanks to Tom and the people at Grewal–They were able to modify our mortgage, saving us over $500 a month on our house payment. They worked with the credit card companies to save us more than $17,000 in principal, and they succeeded in reducing our second mortgage by $84,500. I haven’t even begun to figure out how many thousands in interest we’ve saved. I now understand that we are not the only ones in this position, and it’s reassuring having someone like them helping you get through all this.

Since working with the Grewal folks, we have caught up on our taxes, paid off our second mortgage and completely eliminated our credit card debt. If not for them, I know that we would have lost our home.”

– J & S, Ingham County, MI 11/13/2010


“When I hired Grewal & Associates, I owed more than $44,000 on three credit cards.  In less than a year they got my total amount reduced to $14,000.  I am now debt free without a bankruptcy on my credit report.”

-Jennifer, Howell, MI  10/21/2010