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USC Gynecologist Alleged to Have Exploited Foreign Students

Traveling to a foreign country for school is the opportunity and adventure of a lifetime. It should be a time filled with educational and cultural enrichment. Unfortunately, for some women who were blessed with the opportunity to obtain an outstanding education at the University of Southern California (USC), the adventure of a lifetime turned into a nightmare filled with sexual [...]

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Did a USC Doctor and Predator Hide in Plain Sight for Nearly 30 Years?

George Tyndall worked at the University of Southern California (USC) as a gynecologist for nearly thirty years before he was allowed to quietly step down from his position after reports came to light that complaints had been filed against him for sexual assault. It isn’t clear when Tyndall began assaulting women under the guise of medical treatment, but complaints were given to USC [...]

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USC Gynecologist George Tyndall is Being Investigated & Sued For Assaulting And Sexually Abusing Hundreds Of Women

Sexual assault attorney Mick Grewal discusses the allegations against the University of Southern California gynecologist George Tyndall Last month, the Los Angeles police department launched an investigation into allegations of sexual assault committed by gynecologist George Tyndall, M.D., who was the only on-campus gynecologist for students at University of Southern California (USC).  The police are investigating more than 400 allegations, dating from 1990 – [...]

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