Tractor-Trailer Accidents are Serious Highway Safety Concerns

Any discussion of traffic safety has to take into account Tractor-Trailer Accidents. One in eight fatalities on our nation’s highways involves a large truck or “semi” truck. Half a million accidents each year involve tractor-trailers in the United States. 5,000 people die a year from these accidents. 140,000 people survive but suffer from injuries, ranging from serious brain injury to loss of limbs.

One of the major factors which can compromise tractor trailer safety is truck driver fatigue. The nature of truck transportation often requires covering long distances over long periods of time. Tractor trailer safety studies have indicated that fatigue is responsible for tractor trailer accidents thirty to forty percent of the time.

Tractor-trailer companies are required to carry a minimum level of insurance. They are also required to properly maintain all tractor trailers and equipment to sustain tractor trailer safety. Trucks are required to stop at weight stations to ensure that they are in compliance with weight limitations. Hours of Service logs are often checked at this time as well. Local and state law enforcement also plays an integral role in tractor trailer safety and will conduct random stops and inspections.

Despite tractor trailer safety measures, accidents still can and do occur and violations of tractor trailer safety laws are also made. A 1997 study found that in a random given week of inspections at least 9000 tractor trailer safety violations were committed. When tractor trailer safety is breeched, serious accidents can result.

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