Clergy Sex Abuse Survivor to Reveal Identity Today


A respected former attorney, who earlier this month settled a sex-abuse case against the Catholic Diocese of Lansing for $225,000, will come forward in an effort to continue his healing process and to help other survivors find the courage to seek help. He will discuss his struggle with the physical and emotional trauma he has endured and how Michigan’s anti-victim laws shield predators and marginalize the innocent targets of sexual abuse.


At a news conference, a clergy sex abuse survivor will reveal his identity and read from a lengthy, detailed statement, outline his experience in childhood, disclose how the abuse has affected him, urge other victims to seek help, and layout the need for a more balanced law that would allow claims to be heard on their merit rather than summarily dismissed as a procedural matter. (Please note: the survivor will NOT be answering questions).


Tuesday, August 31, 2010, at 1:30 p.m.


At the law offices of Grewal Law PLLC located at 2827 East Saginaw Street, Lansing, Michigan, 48912.


A clergy sex abuse survivor who recently settled his case against the Lansing Catholic Diocese for $225,000, along with his lawyer. (NOTE: The victim will read a detailed personal statement. He will NOT take questions, though his attorney will.)


As part of his healing process and out of a desire to empower other survivors, a former Lansing-area professional will reveal his identity and tell his story about the abuse he endured and its impact on his life. His settlement with the Catholic Diocese of Lansing was announced last week.

Currently, Michigan law shields many sexual predators who attack children from being held accountable in court. As a result, these innocent victims of abuse are left with no legal recourse and no way to receive reasonable compensation for their physical and emotional injuries.

The victim and his attorney will speak. Only the attorney will take questions.

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