Post-Judgment Modifications

Divorce Post-Judgement Modifications in Michigan

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Once your divorce is finalized the issues facing your case do not end. Over time you may find the need to have adjustments to alimony, custody or child support as the parties in your case enter into new circumstances in life. Adjustments to these arrangements are called post-judgment modifications.

Modifications to Child Support or Alimony

Under state law, calculations of payments for child support are determined using the Michigan Child Support Formula. If the circumstances surrounding any of the items considered in the formula change you deserve an adjustment to your payments. It is essential to have an attorney represent you when seeking changes to the support you pay or receive for a child.

When support is initially set up the things examined by the formula include the income of the parent who will be paying along with the support provided by the other parent. Other items considered include the number of minor children involved in the case, alimony being paid along with the payment of support for any other children.

The final amount paid is also be impacted by the number of nights a child spends with each parent. Once these circumstances change modifications may be made to the original divorce judgment.

As your Michigan divorce modification attorneys, we will represent your interests when seeking revisions to the awarded amounts of spousal support or alimony currently provided. If the financial situation of the party receiving support improves, the court may also consider changing the amount of alimony you are required to pay to the other person.

Additionally, adjustments may be requested once a child reaches the age of 18 when the party does not have to provide primary care for the minor.

If you are seeking changes in child support or alimony, our team of professionals at Grewal Law PLLC will be there for you.

Child Custody Modifications

There are times where changes in child custody cases can be made long after a divorce has been final. These modifications include changes to visitation and to the actual custody arrangements which exist for a child. Changes in custody arrangements can also trigger adjustments to child support outlined above.

One of the main factors impacting custody arrangements is the desire of one parent to move out of state or more than 100 miles away from where the other parent currently lives. Modifications triggered by these moves must be handled through the court system.

Even though you can represent yourself during these proceedings, the amount of contact you have with your child should not be left up to chance. Let us serve as your team to advocate your case before the court.

Factors the court may consider in your case revolving around a move include remarriages, a new job, military relocation and moves in or outside the state. Before going to court we will help you understand the process and will help prepare you before having your case heard.

Lawyers in Michigan to Handle Post-Judgement Divorce Issues

Issues related to child support, alimony or child custody may change. Even if your divorce took place months or years ago, there are instances where you may need to have your case reexamined. When examining these changes, you need counsel who will act as your advocate during the proceedings.

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