Divorce Mediation in Michigan

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An alternative to appearing in court for your divorce is the process of mediation. Instead of appearing before a judge, both parties involved in the divorce meet to try to settle issues related to the divorce. It will allow you and the other party to have open communication with the help of a neutral third party who is a trained mediator. The two of you will work with the mediator who will help you work towards reaching an agreement outside of court.

Mediation can be used to settle issues revolving around parenting time, child custody, alimony, property division, assets, and debt. The process is a type of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) which is simply resolving a case outside the courtroom.

Even though mediation is not done in the courtroom it is still imperative to have an experienced Lansing divorce lawyer to represent you during the process. It is essential to have an attorney who will represent your best interests and who will help you get the results you deserve during the mediation process.

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Types of Mediation

There are different types of mediation the court may order in your divorce starting with Friend of the Court Domestic Relations Mediation. Both parties entering mediation may agree on who they want to serve as the mediator, however if an agreement is not reached the court can appoint someone. Each party will be required to attend the mediation sessions with their respective attorneys.

In this type of mediation, you will be exploring issues revolving around parenting time. The mediator will work to help you and the other party in your divorce to reach an agreement that can eventually be issued as a court order and signed by a judge. Before the order is finalized you will have the chance to review it with your attorney.

The second type of mediation you may have to enter to in your divorce is Evaluative Mediation. Both parties involved in a case must agree to having a referral to this type of mediation. If a settlement was not reached in the initial domestic relations mediation, then the mediator will prepare a written report with recommendations for a settlement.

Both parties are given time to review the recommendations and have the chance to determine if they want to reach an agreement. If both parties do not agree to a settlement even after examining concerns over the presented recommendations, then the mediator will report to the court and your divorce case will proceed to trial.

As your Michigan family law lawyers, we will help you work through the mediation process to determine if the agreement offered is the best option for you in your case.

Divorce Mediation

A contested divorce case can be stressful for you. When entering into mediation get the support of a lawyer who will help you work through the process advocating for your rights. We have over ten years of experience handling divorce cases across Michigan. We will also be there for you if mediation is not successful and you have to proceed to trial.

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