Another Life Added to 2011's Grim Toll of Fatal Auto Accidents

The first six weeks of the new year have been fraught with tragedy in Mid-Michigan. A series of fatal auto accidents has brought increased attention to driving safety.

While wintry weather may contribute to a sharp spike in car crashes, alcohol appears to have been a factor in this most recent incident. Coincidentally, many of these recent fatal accidents have been single-vehicle events in which the driver lost control.

For most of us, driving is a daily activity – often considered routine and mundane. Unfortunately, as these accidents have reminded us, the simple task of getting from point A to point B can be hazardous if taken too lightly. Every time we take to the roads, we should remember that we have a responsibility to ourselves, our passengers, and the other motorists on the road to drive carefully. While no one can guarantee the roads will ever be 100% safe, hopefully we can avoid adding more lives to this year’s heartbreaking tally.