Michigan Secretary of State Candidate Jocelyn Benson Wants to Put Families First, Not Auto Insurers

Michigan Secretary of State candidate Jocelyn Benson gave her opinion on a recent Michigan Supreme Court case in a straightforward manner, a rarity these days when candidates are more afraid of upsetting potential undecideds than stating what they believe in. However, in response to the Michigan Supreme Court’s disappointing 4-3 decision in which Justice Bob Young decided alongside his conservative counterparts to back out-of-state insurance companies over Michigan families, Ms. Benson had this to say:

[It’s] a bad decision for Michigan drivers who will continue to be burdened by insurance costs unrelated to their driving record and laws that favor out-of-state insurance companies over hardworking Michigan families.

It just reinforces the need for a Secretary of State who will stand up to special interests and fight every day to put Michigan drivers first.

The case she was referring to was decided last week and will allow automobile insurance companies to use consumer credit scores as a basis for setting auto insurance rates. The Michigan Insurance Commissioner had tried to ban this practice and the insurance industry rallied behind this lawsuit.

In a time when just about everyone’s credit score took a hit during the nation’s worst recession in decades, supporters of the ban had said that there was not a sufficient relationship between credit scores and driving records to justify the practice.

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