Rules of the Road

It’s Memorial Day weekend, meaning most of us will have three consecutive days of leisure time on our hands. This unofficial beginning of Summer traditionally involves large groups of people hitting the road, either to enjoy a barbecue with the extended family, go camping, or (weather permitting) hit the beach. If you’re going to be driving anywhere this weekend, you might be alarmed to learn that your fellow motorists don’t fully understand the rules of the road.

An estimated 37 million drivers would fail a driving test if they had to take one today, according to a recent survey. This shocking number raises serious safety concerns. And it’s not obscure rules that are tripping up the respondents, it’s basic, everyday scenarios such as how to react to a yellow light. Not surprisingly, young drivers scored the lowest. Even so, all drivers young and old would benefit from reacquainting themselves with what every driver must know.

Try not to let these statistics ruin your plans. Just use caution if you’re traveling on the road. Have a safe and happy Memorial Day weekend!

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