Just Tap It: Students at Colleges Across the Country Revolt Against Wasteful Product

Bottled water is convenient in many respects, it’s available for purchase almost anywhere, it comes in disposable containers, and it’s calorie-free. However, it’s not good for the environment. Plus, there’s a much cheaper version that’s equally as healthy and available in just as many places as bottled water: tap water.

According to the Earth Policy Institute, 86% of plastic water bottles in the U.S. end up as garbage. To help lessen their impact on the environment, the University of Wisconsin at Stevens Point and Seattle University are joining the likes of other universities, like Washington University in St. Louis, who started the movement last year.

Campaigns to curb consumption of bottled water and the resulting garbage that sits in landfills has been curbed by contracts with drink suppliers, however. For example, last year, Cornell students were stopped by the university’s ongoing contract with Pepsi, which owns Aquafina. In addition, a full ban was rejected at Muhlenberg College in Pennsylvania. Nevertheless, the student-led Just Tap It initiative won a concession and prevented bottled water from being included on the meal plan.

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