How To Save Your Wet Cell Phone

Cell phones have become our right hand man over the past several decades. 82% of Americans own one. We bring them with us everywhere and have hundreds of contacts, pictures, emails and other priceless data stored on them. So when your cell phone slips out of your pocket or hand and lands in the toilet, the sink, a pool, a lake or a pond, you may understandably panic. Instead of panicking, remember these helpful tips to save your phone.

  • Take the battery out of your phone immediately. This will stop the power running through the switchboard.
  • Do not shake your phone or push any buttons. While you may think that this is helpful to get the water out, really you are just helping the water get into areas it hasn’t hit yet.
  • Next, put your cell phone in a container of uncooked rice for 24 hours. This will pull the moisture out of your phone, and with a little luck your phone will be saved or will at least turn on long enough for you to retrieve your data.
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