Winter Driving Tips

It’s that time of year in Michigan when big winter storms can cause havoc on our roads. For a novice, snowy and icy conditions can be terrifying, and even veteran Midwestern drivers need to refresh winter driving skills.

Here are some helpful tips taken from the Michigan Department of Transportation:

  • Check your vehicle to make sure you have working wiper blades, washer fluid, and properly inflated tires.
  • Have a small kit with safety essentials such as a blanket, a shovel, a map, and non-perishable snacks.
  • Make sure people know when you are leaving, when you intend to arrive, and your intended route.
  • Start your trip with plenty of fuel and a full cell phone battery and charger.

Always drive alert, safe, and sober. When the conditions are slippery, be sure to give yourself plenty of time to arrive at your destination and follow traffic at a safe distance. It takes more time and distance to stop on ice and snow. If you do get stuck, remember:

  • Don’t panic.
  • Don’t spin your wheels.
  • Do use your shovel to clear your exhaust and wheels.

Keeping these simple tips in mind can make winter driving safe for you and your fellow motorists.

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