Miscommunication In a Hospital Can Lead to Serious Injuries

The idea of something going wrong in a medical facility is something that no patient would ever want to think of—especially when you trust in the professionals to help you. Unfortunately, even the smallest error can result in serious problems and injuries to occur.

One issue that must be addressed properly is miscommunication. There are many instances in which this can happen, but they are also preventable, and the medical professionals should take all steps to protect the patient and his or her health.

“What’s Your Date of Birth?”

If you’ve been to a medical facility, you’ve probably been asked this question many times, by nearly all individuals you encounter. There’s a reason for this question, and it’s not just because your age may be considered a risk factor for certain conditions.

Rather, medical professionals ask for your date of birth in an effort to ensure they are speaking with the right patient and checking out the correct medical records. If the doctor does not ask this question, they run the risk of having the wrong information conveyed with the patient, which can lead to unnecessary treatment.

Miscommunication and Treatment—or Lack Thereof

Miscommunications can mean that patients don’t receive the proper treatment necessary for their illness, condition, or injuries. They may have their charts mixed up with another patient’s, in which they may be prescribed medications they don’t need or undergo procedures that cause more harm than good.

Similarly, if you are mixed up with another patient, you may not receive the treatment you need to recover. This is particularly bad when you’re suffering from catastrophic injuries, life-threatening conditions, and other serious ailments.

Our Michigan medical malpractice attorneys are ready to stand by your side and hold negligent parties accountable when you encounter communication errors in a medical facility. If you suffer harm, you deserve to have your rights protected and pursue compensation.

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