Safety First When Enjoying the Great Lakes

Great Lakes

The State of Michigan gets its unique shape from being surrounded by four of the five Great Lakes. This fantastic location in the middle of beautiful recreation-ready freshwater helps to drive the state’s tourism. In the summer, the lakes provide ample opportunities for swimming, fishing, boating, and more. And while the Great Lakes are an unparalleled natural resource, they are surprisingly powerful –and can be extremely dangerous.

Every single year, there are dozens of drownings in the Great Lakes, with many more other emergencies. Lake Michigan tends to have the most deaths and injuries due to its popularity and accessibility to large metropolitan areas. The Lakes are subject to powerful storms and gale-force winds, famously prompting celebrity sailboat racer Ted Turner to concede that sailing on the Great Lakes is no laughing matter. There have been thousands of shipwrecks on the Lakes, perhaps none more infamous than the Edmund Fitzgerald.

There are all sorts of hazards to watch for, but the three main categories are riptides & undertow, pier safety, and boating safety. Before enjoying the Great Lakes, you should take time to become familiar with each of the risks and safety tips, and make sure that you are prepared for the water.

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