Tracking Michigan Bridges for Road Safety

Motorists in Michigan are already well aware that our roads need some extra attention and maintenance. Sometimes, this lack of proper maintenance can even cause drivers to sustain lasting physical injuries. In one recent incident, a woman driving northbound on U.S. 127 suffered a serious head injury when a piece of concrete fell from the overpass and crashed through her windshield.

Thankfully, the woman’s injuries were not life-threatening, but she was taken to the hospital for emergency care. Because of this incident, the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) inspected the area and announced that they would be installing fault decking through this week, to help support the overpass.

Although it’s rare for falling concrete to cause injuries like this, drivers should still be alert for dangerous roads and bridges – particularly because the average age of a Michigan bridge is currently 41 years old, alarmingly close to the expert-recommended lifespan of 50 years. While you can’t always avoid driving over a dangerous road or bridge, the Michigan Department of Transportation has a detailed interactive map that allows users to view the condition of state and local bridges. Additionally, local bridge safety reports can be accessed through the MDOT website.

When municipal governments and local officials fail to provide proper maintenance for roads and bridges, it’s possible to hold them civilly liable for injuries. If you or a loved one suffer a similar incident and need to file a lawsuit, our team at Grewal Law can help you explore your legal options.

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