Can I file For Divorce on My Own in Michigan?

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Is a DIY Divorce Worth It?

While anyone can file for a divorce on their own, it’s a complicated process. Taking on a DIY divorce means learning how the process works and understanding Michigan laws. This can be extremely grueling when someone takes on the responsibility of such an enormous task without any experience. Read on to learn why a DIY divorce is not recommended.

The Pitfalls of Handling a Divorce on Your Own

Divorce is one of the most contentious issues to experience in life. When dealing with an amicable, uncontested divorce, the process may go a little smoother. However, contested divorces are far more complex.

From child custody and child support to spousal support and splitting assets, disagreements can be hard to turn into agreeable negotiations when one spouse isn't on board. For this reason, it’s critical to understand how your DIY divorce can be unhinged through mistakes — and you could be leaving some of your rights on the table, such as the proper amount of child support and spousal support and your rights to keep certain assets. You shouldn’t consider a DIY divorce if:

  • You think your ex-spouse is hiding assets.
  • You don’t know the full scope of your ex-spouse’s debts and assets.
  • You disagree on custody and parenting time issues.
  • You arent’ sure how much spousal support you are entitled to.
  • You don’t know how to calculate child support.

When it comes to uncertainties, it’s best to have an experienced family law attorney in your corner to protect your rights.

Considering Divorce? Call Grewal Law PLLC for Help.

Deciding to divorce your spouse wasn’t a quick and easy one. When you are ready to move forward with a divorce, Grewal Law PLLC is here for you. Our attorneys have extensive family law experience to help you understand your rights and ease your concerns. From spousal support and child support to dividing assets and more, let us help you navigate the process so you can move on with your life.

Contact Grewal Law PLLC at (888) 211-5798 to schedule a free consultation today.

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