How to Tell if a Car is “Crashworthy”

Crash test dummy inside a car in the driver's seat

What Does “Crashworthy” Mean?

When a car is “crashworthy,” it means that it can shield or limit the impact during a crash that could result in a severe injury or death. Many working parts in a car contribute to its crashworthiness. Here’s what you need to know.

Can a “Crashworthy” Car Guarantee Optimal Safety?

Since there is no way to prevent a car accident from occurring entirely, even the safest vehicle in the world still comes with a certain amount of injury and fatality risk. However, some aspects can mitigate the severity of the injury and reduce the risk of death and severe injuries.

To determine the “crashworthiness” of a vehicle means looking at the design and how well it works with the materials from which it is constructed. Read on to learn more about features that contribute to a vehicle’s overall crashworthiness.

Vehicle Safety Systems

Over the past few decades, vehicle safety features have been improved upon, and new technologies have been developed to enhance safety and crashworthiness. Here are some ways a vehicle design can save lives in the event of a crash:

  • Crumple zones to minimize the crush and keep survival space.
  • Seat belts that work properly to restrain occupants throughout the entire vehicle accident event.
  • Seat placement to prevent ejection from the vehicle.
  • Energy distribution design to mitigate the force of the crash.
  • Post-crash fire prevention features.

The above crashworthy features must work together to provide optimal protection for occupants throughout the entire accident. The failure of one can impact the safety performance of the others.

When You Need Help After a Car Accident, We Are Here For You.

Sustaining a severe injury after a car accident can be devastating both physically and financially. The healing process is long and painful, and the financial burdens that come with medical attention, treatments, and therapies can put an immense amount of strain on you and your family.

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