Summer: The Most Dangerous Driving Season

man in a convertible car driving on highway

Why Do Traffic Accidents Increase During the Summer Months?

We all look forward to the summer season, but we don’t necessarily anticipate that we could potentially be involved in a car crash. However, many studies and data show that the likelihood of getting into a car accident increases during the summer season. Here’s why.

More Cars Are on The Road

With kids being off from school and vacation plans are underway, it’s a feel-good time of the year to be out and about. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), more travelers are on the road, which means more accidents, and the numbers speak for themselves.

The latest data from the NHTSA reported that 9,050 fatal motor vehicle crashes occurred from June to August in 2018. These staggering numbers are an eye-opener to how driving defensively and taking extra precautions can help reduce the risks of being involved in a fatal accident.

Alcohol-Impaired Drivers

Summertime means more barbecues and gatherings that involve alcohol — and now that restrictions have been easing on bars and restaurants, patrons may leave with one drink too many in their system. The NHTSA reports the following stats (2018) relating to alcohol-impaired drivers:

  • The lowest rate of alcohol-related crashes occurred in February at 6.7%
  • The highest rate of alcohol-related crashes occurred in June at 9.4%, followed by:
    • July 9.2%
    • May 9.1%
    • September 9.0%
    • August 8.9%

Inexperienced Drivers

During the summer months, more teen drivers are out and about. reports that the days between Memorial Day and Labor Day are the deadliest for people under 20 years old. Here are some of the most common reasons why accidents involving teen drivers happen:

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