Marijuana Grower Licenses in Michigan

Serving Commercial Marijuana Cultivation Businesses

Under Michigan law, entrepreneurs and existing business owners who are looking to start a commercial marijuana cultivation business will need to secure an appropriate Grower license. There are Grower licenses available for both medical and adult-use (recreational) marijuana facilities, and these licenses permit the business to cultivate marijuana for sale to other commercial businesses.

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When Do I Need a Grower License?

Whether you are looking to cultivate and sell to the adult-use or medical marijuana industry (or both), it’s important to select the right license type for your business needs. When you visit Grewal Law PLLC, our cannabis law attorneys can provide greater insight into exactly what licenses you need, how to meet the requirements, and where and when to file your application. As your business expands, we can also recommend other options that will suit your needs.

In Michigan, a Grower license authorizes you to engage in the following activities:

  • Sales of marijuana plants, seeds, clones, or seedlings to other licensed Growers;
  • Sales of marijuana flower to licensed Processors and Provisioning Centers/Retailers; and
  • Sales of leftover marijuana biomass (plant material) to licensed Processors.

Types of Grower Licenses in Michigan

Grower licenses come in different sizes based on plant count. Growers must stay within their licensed plant counts at all times, and all plants are recorded and tracked in the Michigan marijuana statewide monitoring system—Metrc.

Medical Marijuana Grower Licenses

License types:

  • Class A – 500 Plants
  • Class B – 1,000 Plants
  • Class C – 1,500 Plants (Note: only Class C licenses can be stacked at the same location.)

Adult-Use Marijuana Grower Licenses

License types:

  • Class A – 100 Plants
  • Class B – 500 Plants
  • Class C – 2,000 Plants (Note: Class C licenses are the only Grower licenses that can be stacked at the same location.)

Excess Marijuana Grower Licenses

Under Michigan’s adult-use laws and rules, a business can only cultivate a maximum of 10,000 plants designated for the recreational market. However, an Excess Marijuana Grower License permits a business that has reached this cap to expand its recreational cultivation if it has already secured additional medical Grower licenses. In other words, this license allows a business to designate some of its allocated medical plant allotment over to the recreational market so long as it has maximized its recreational Grower licenses and has already been granted additional medical Grower licenses.

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