Secure Transporters & Safety Compliance Facilities

Secure Transporters & Safety Compliance Facilities in Michigan

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Secure Transporters and Safety Compliance Facilities both play a critical role in the Michigan commercial marijuana supply chain. Vendors with these licenses support the other facilities in the supply chain and ensure integrity and independence for the entire Michigan cannabis market, by testing for contaminants and ensuring safe transportation.

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Marijuana Secure Transporter Licensing Requirements

With few exceptions, all transfers of marijuana or marijuana-infused product between one licensed facility to another must be handled by a licensed Secured Transporter. This includes Growers, Processors, Testing Facilities, and Retailers.

There are also different licenses that are required for both the medical and adult-use marijuana markets. Most Secure Transporters will want to ensure that they are licensed for both markets so that they can service all customers. Licensing fees are $25,000.

Marijuana Safety Compliance Facilities

Safety Compliance Facilities are testing laboratories for marijuana and marijuana-infused products. In order to qualify, these testing laboratories must have at least 1 person employed as a laboratory manager with a relevant advanced degree in medical or laboratory science.

As with the Secure Transporter licenses, there are different requirements for testing between the medical and adult-use marijuana markets. This means that most Safety Compliance Facilities will want to ensure that they are licensed for both markets so that they can service all customers. The licensing fees for Safety Compliance Facilities are also $25,000.

Safety Compliance Facilities test marijuana and cannabis products for:

  • THC Concentrations;
  • THC-A Concentrations;
  • CBD Concentrations;
  • CBD-A Concentrations;
  • Contaminants, such as mold, fungi, or pesticides;
  • Heavy metals;
  • Vitamin E Acetate;
  • Residual Solvents;
  • Presence of Banned Ingredients;
  • Moisture Content;
  • Foreign Matter;
  • Organic and Inorganic Matter;
  • Microbials; and
  • Homogeneity of marijuana-infused products

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