Grewal Attorney Matt Heos's Radio Blog Topic of the Week: The Big Grow (Part 2)

The Big Grow – Part 2 – Wait, there’s more!

The United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit dealt a big win for medical marijuana patients and caregivers in states that federal circuit. The US Congress passed a rider in an omnibus appropriations bill in 2014 that defunded Department of Justice efforts to interfere with states from implementing their medical marijuana programs.

The Ninth Circuit’s decision represents a split in the Circuit Courts of Appeals given the ruling in the Sixth Circuit the week before (See last week’s blog).

Interestingly, the Ninth Circuit said the Department of Justice could not spend money to prosecute those who are compliant with state medical marijuana laws. Then it remanded the cases back to district court for evidentiary hearings, which would necessarily cost money!

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