USC Gynecologist Dr. George Tyndall Sexual Assault Lawsuit

USC Gynecologist Dr. George Tyndall Sexual Assault Lawsuit

If you were a patient of the USC Gynecologist Dr. George Tyndall, you may be entitled to compensation. Don’t suffer alone and in silence. Join the more than 400 women who have already come forward and join the fight against USC and Dr. Tyndall.

If you were a patient of Dr. Tyndall, DO NOT contact any USC Hotline or campus police. Their priority may be to protect the university administrations and individuals responsible. Instead, you should immediately contact the Los Angeles Police Department Special Assault Section at (213) 486-6910.

What is Dr. Tyndall accused of?

In late May 2018, the Los Angeles Police Department began investigating complaints from more than 400 women who were previous patients of Dr. George Tyndall. Dr. Tyndall was a gynecologist at USC (University of Southern California) for 26 years. It is believed that Dr. Tyndall examined more than 10,000 students at USC during the period 1990 through 2016.

California Law enforcement stated that the gynecological exams conducted by Dr. Tyndall went beyond normal and acceptable medical practice. The alleged victims’ accounts include instances of Tyndall groping, conducting improper exams, photographing women’s genitalia, and making inappropriate comments. The Los Angeles police are working closely with prosecutors to determine what crimes were committed by Tyndall.

How We Can Help You

Experiencing a sexual assault is life-changing. The way you view the world will never be the same. The legal team at Grewal Law wants to help you take back your life. We want to begin the healing process by helping you navigate the judicial system. As a victim of sexual abuse on campus, you deserve justice and access to resources to help you find healing.

Hire an experienced firm who understands how a sexual assault claim is filed and how the case proceeds through the judicial process. We can also help connect you to resources that will help you throughout the recovery process including counseling and support groups.

If you or a loved one believe you have been subjected to sexual assault, abuse, or harassment by Dr. George Tyndall, we can help. All inquiries are absolutely confidential.

How Do I Know If I’m A Victim?

Dr. George Tyndall practiced gynecology at University of Southern California’s Student Health clinic for nearly 30 years, beginning in 1987.

During his tenure, Dr. Tyndall saw “thousands” of patients, many of whom were USC students. After many years of complaints and allegations against Dr. Tyndall from patients, colleagues and staff members, USC finally suspended Tyndall in 2016. He formally resigned his post in June 2017. The University finally reported the accusations against Dr. Tyndall to the California Medical Board in a complaint in March 2018.

A recent article from the LA Times, May 2018, gives some testimonies from women who have come forward.

“Some of the most serious allegations against Tyndall concern his use of fingers at the start of pelvic exams. Witnesses told The Times the physician routinely inserted one finger and then a second in patients after voicing concern that the speculum might not fit. While he spoke, they said, he moved his fingers in and out and made remarks on the tightness of their vaginal muscles: My, what a tight muscle you have. You must be a runner.”

“An attorney who attended USC for her undergraduate and law degrees from the mid-1990s to the early 2000s said she saw Tyndall about three times a year while she studied there. She spoke on the condition of anonymity and said the physician, her first regular gynecologist, often made lewd remarks. During frequent breast exams, he commented on the attractiveness of her slender body, squeezed her nipples and compared her favorably to his wife, who was also Asian. “He’d tell me, ‘You have nice full breasts,’ she recounted. “He’d say, ‘Not every Asian has nice big breasts.'”

If you were a patient of Dr. Tyndall, please contact the attorneys at Grewal Law PLLC today to discuss your rights and make sure your voice is heard.

Let your voice be heard and ensure that the people who allowed this to happen are held accountable for their actions.

Why Hire Grewal Law To Represent You?

Being a sexual assault victim is a life-changing event that leaves many women vulnerable and unsure where to turn for help, both legally and emotionally. Sexual abuse cases are complex and sensitive and require an experienced attorney who understands the unique issues that survivors face.

Mick Grewal and the attorneys and staff at Grewal Law focus on helping survivors find healing through the trauma, while also fighting vigorously for justice to hold all responsible parties accountable.

Grewal Law is always focused on being compassionate to their clients’ legal & emotional needs. We are unceasingly aggressive in our pursuit of justice against sexual predators and those who employ them.

An Experienced, Dedicated, and Compassionate Team

Our law firm pursues compensation for victims of sexual abuse. We are currently handling claims against USC, Michigan State, George Tyndall, Larry Nassar, and others.

Grewal Law is honored and humbled to currently represent 111 of the 333 plaintiff-survivors of former Michigan State University and U.S. Women’s Gymnastics Olympic Team doctor Larry Nassar. Michigan State University recently agreed to a $500,000,000 settlement.

Contact Us for a Free Confidential Case Review

When you call our firm, the first thing we do is protect your rights, including your right to privacy. And we will fight for your rightful compensation.

Likewise, we will conduct an exhaustive investigation in order to determine who knew what, and when they knew it so that those responsible for allowing sexual abuse can be held accountable for the trauma they have caused to the survivors. This will allow us to hopefully prevent events like the Nassar and Tyndall tragedies from ever happening again.

If you or a loved one believe you have been subjected to sexual assault, abuse, or harassment by Dr. George Tyndall, please contact us

All inquiries are absolutely confidential.

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