How to Prepare Before Filing for Divorce

How to Prepare Before Filing for Divorce

There are a lot of things you should consider when preparing for a divorce. Make plans before you file to save you time and headaches down the road.

When considering a divorce, you should consult a Lansing divorce lawyer to represent you throughout all stages of the proceedings.

Since Michigan is a no-fault divorce state you will not need to prove any fault by one party in order to file for divorce. Even though fault does not have to be proven there are still things you need to do to prepare yourself for the process.

Gather Paperwork

When contemplating divorce one of the first things you should do is gather copies of important documents and information including Social Security numbers for all members of the family. Documents you should collect include copies of tax returns for several years; bank account information; paperwork for assets including stocks, mortgages and retirement accounts along with credit card numbers.

You should also gather legal documents including prenuptial agreements, wills, and deeds for real estate.

Other supporting documents which can be helpful when facing a potential divorce include titles for cars, bank statements, and copies of pay stubs. Keep copies of these documents outside the family home in case you are required to move out by court order.

An experienced divorce attorney from Grewal Law can guide you on the paperwork you need to have when preparing to file for divorce in Michigan.

Document Assets and Property

In addition to gathering paperwork on your family life, you should make an inventory of all the items in your house. Take photos or videos to document everything in the family home. Documenting these possessions will protect you if your spouse tries to get rid of any items from the home during the divorce process.

You should also write out the current monthly expenses for your household. These include the cost of rent or the mortgage payment for the family home, utilities, cable, cell phones, food, insurance and expenses related to any children. Having an accurate accounting of these expenses will be helpful during your divorce proceedings.

Call Grewal Law, your Lansing Family Law Lawyers to help you prepare when filing for divorce. Our team will help you prepare by connecting you with the resources you need to be ready once divorce proceedings start. Contact us at (888) 211-5798 for your free consultation today.

Know Your Finances

Divorces have the potential to have a major impact on your credit. You should start looking for ways to start establishing personal finances. Set up individual bank accounts and start to build up a reserve of cash. These funds can be used to help pay for a divorce lawyer in Lansing or to pay for living arrangements outside the family home.

Determine an amount of money to save by calculating your individual expenses while taking into account any potential child supporter alimony. At Grewal we can help you estimate the amount of support you may be required to pay. If children are a part of your family, the Michigan Child Support Formula is used to determine potential support.

Establish Your Individual Identity

In addition to setting up a bank account, you should have an alternative mailing address. Have mail sent to a P.O.Box or to a friend or relative’s home in order to ensure your spouse does not see any documentation related to a divorce.

Other considerations should revolve around where you may want to live after the divorce takes place. Depending on the home your family has shared you may be required to allow one spouse to retain ownership or it may be placed for sale. You should also start to consider where you may want to live after the divorce is finalized or where you will live during the divorce proceedings.

Do you live in Lansing Michigan and need help preparing for a divorce?

Planning to file for divorce can be overwhelming. You need an experienced team of attorneys who will advocate for your best interests. We will be your compassionate legal counsel helping you prepare to file for divorce.

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