How to Start the Divorce Process

After taking time to prepare for leaving a spouse, you can begin the divorce process with the help of a team of Lansing divorce attorneys. The process begins by filing in the circuit court for your area. The complaint will outline how there is no likelihood the marriage can be preserved.

Our Lansing family lawyers will help you mount your case before evening filing paperwork for the divorce proceedings to begin. As the individual filing a divorce complaint, you will be known as the plaintiff in the case. Your spouse will be the defendant.

Call Grewal Law PLLC, to help start the divorce process. Our team will work with you to file all the necessary paperwork to begin your divorce. We will also help you through every step of the process and will be there to ensure you are issued a fair divorce decree by the courts.

Residency and Other Requirements

Before filing for divorce in Michigan you are required to live in the state for a minimum of 180 days. In addition, since divorces are filed in the circuit courts for each county there is typically a 10-day residency requirement to file in a particular county.

There is an exception to the county rule and as your Lansing divorce attorney we will walk through this scenario if it fits your family. The county residency requirement is waived if the defendant is not a U.S. citizen and there are minor children involved. It is then necessary to show there is a risk of the defendant removing the children from the United States.

Residency requirements are designed to guarantee the Michigan courts have proper jurisdiction over the case. Subject matter jurisdiction is allowed in federal law and determines what courts can oversee a particular case.

Michigan standards stems from a 2007 case where an international student who was studying in Michigan did not believe the state’s courts had jurisdiction over her divorce case. If you face unique circumstances such as the ones in the Kar v. Nanda case, you need an experienced Lansing family law lawyer to represent you.

Options to Divorce

When deciding to start the divorce process, you may want to look at the different options that exist beyond traditional divorce. The alternatives to divorce include annulment of the marriage and separate maintenance.

First, depending on the circumstances surrounding the marriage you may be able to seek an annulment to the union. Annulments are rare, but may be issued if there were questionable circumstances surrounding the marriage. These cases include things such as fraudulent claims by one spouse over his or her true identity.

Legal separations otherwise known as separate maintenance occur when a couple legally divides assets, custody and parenting time, however, the couple stays legally married for some reason. If you are considering one of these alternatives to divorce, contact us at (888) 211-5798 for your free consultation.

We will review your case and help you determine if any of these options are the right choice for your family.

Starting the Divorce Process in Michigan

There are no standard forms filed in Michigan when starting the divorce process, so it is important to reach out to an experienced Lansing Divorce Attorney to help you. Our team of legal professionals will help you decide on the best course of action for you. We will also help you understand all the costs associated with filing for divorce in Ingham County or the surrounding area.

Facing a divorce is a life-changing event. As your divorce attorney, we will ensure you meet all the requirements before filing for divorce and will be your advocate throughout the entire process.

We will be your compassionate legal counsel helping you start your divorce proceedings. Contact us for a free consultation today at (888) 211-5798.

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