Michigan Drunk Driving Testing Procedures

When you are suspected of driving under the influence (DUI), there are several testing procedures that may be administered by law enforcement. Some tests will be implemented in the field while others will be given at the police station or at a hospital. The most common tests are field sobriety tests including preliminary breath tests, DataMaster DMT breath tests and blood tests.

Once you have been pulled over by a police officer for suspected drunk driving, they may end up test you to determine your bodily alcohol content (BAC). Under Michigan’s Implied Consent Law, the officer will have probable cause to test you if you show signs of intoxication.

These may include displaying slurred speech, smelling of alcohol or other irregular behavior. The testing implemented by the officer may include a breathalyzer test or a field sobriety test. After being tested and displaying signs of intoxication or other probable cost you may be arrested by the law enforcement officer.

At this point, an additional BAC test may be implemented at the police station or the hospital. Typically, a DataMaster test will be conducted in the police station versus a blood test taken at the hospital. Then you will be detained overnight before being released or having a formal arraignment the next day.

See the Step by Step Through Your DUI Case page to learn more about how your case will progress.

Drunk driving testing tools are not always reliable. Our team at Grewal Law will fight to expose common problems with testing used for your DUI.

These include the following items:

  • Use of improperly calibrated breath test equipment
  • Operator error of test equipment
  • Faulty blood test results from police station or hospital including not account for alcohol absorption post-driving

In addition to problems related directly to the tests, will ensure your rights were not violated by the arresting officer. You must have been informed of your rights otherwise the charges against you could be dropped.

Common mistakes by law enforcement include the following items:

  • Illegal stopping of someone
  • Not informing you of your rights
  • Problems related to police jurisdiction

When facing drunk driving charges in Michigan it is important to get an experienced legal team on your side as soon as possible. Call Grewal Law PLLC for a free confidential quote today at (888) 211-5798.

We will help you understand the testing procedures used in your case and will investigate any possible defense which may exist against the test results.

Contact us today to help with your DUI or OWI (Operating While Intoxicated) charges.

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